As we chatted about how quickly the last three months had flown by, Miss blACKbook asked Miss blACKbook Intern 2013 to give a Summer recap before she flew south for the winter. Here’s what the lovely Mara Lancey had to say…


MARA SAYS… To quote one of my favorite songs (that I always debated singing for karaoke night at The Rose and Crown) “the summer is all in bloom, the summer is ending soon” In the song White Houses, Vanessa Carlton sure knows how I’m feeling right now as I leave my happy place.

After clutching on to my beloved necklace of the island (while bawling my eyes out on my flight) I find myself sitting at the gate during an absurdly long layover at JFK as I make my way back to the real world. Sitting here, I am able to reflect on yet another incredible summer on Nantucket.
While there are so many things I will miss about that fairytale island, both tangible and intangible.

Here are a few in the forefront of mind as I look bACK on another season on Nantucket.


The smell of ocean air…

…on a foggy Grey Lady morning.

Breathtaking sunsets…

…that light up the sky. (photo credit: Chris Sleeper)

The Restaurants…

Everything from tacos at Millie’s, truffle fries at Lola Burger, late night drunchies at Tacos Tacos or Stubby’s, sandwiches from Fresh, brunch at The BoHo, or krACK sauce at Corazon del Mar, this island is a foodie’s paradise.

 Rattling all over the place when driving on the cobblestones on Main Street in my Jeep…

(even though I was annoyed at the time)
…(even though I was annoyed at the time) photo credit: Chris Sleeper

 Mondays at Jack in The Box…

…dancing on stage with a Life Is Good in hand. Enough said.

Adult Ice Cream…

…a.k.a .Mudslides at The Gazebo

Those perfect beach days…

…and especially my favorite beach day… America’s Birthday at Nobadeer.
I know that each morning when I walk into my living room in Nashville, I will stand upon the beautiful woven carpet I bought at Milly & Grace and smile. And although I couldn’t throw pennies from the plane when rounding Brant Point lighthouse, I know that isle be back soon enough.
photo credit: Ashley B. Coleman 
Miss Mara Lancey is the first ever Miss blACKbook Intern and has spent every summer on Nantucket for her entire 22 years. The recent University of Miami graduate enjoyed the last three months on the Grey Lady and left last week to start graduate school at Vanderbilt. Follow her on social media below.


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