Now that we have officially kicked-off #Nantucket14 with a bang, the Nantucket blACKbook is ready to dive into some amazing wine finds for the summer season.  Our Go-To #WineExpertOnACK Sommelier Jenny Benzie at Épernay Wine & Spirits is on-hand + ready to guide us as to what is HIP + FRESH for your upcoming summer celebrations.



Our WINE OF THE WEEKEND is ‘a salute to distinctiveness and a reaction against homogeneity’ with ROBERT SINSKEY VINEYARDS ABRAXAS, VIN DE TERROIR, SCINTILLA SONOMA VINEYARD 2012.
RobSinskeyAccording to Daydream Believer/Vintner Rob Sinskey, they had one desire when starting the endeavor of this project and it was to make a world-class wine.  What makes a world-class wine, you ask? While embracing state of the art cellar technology and looking to science, this particular wine was technically correct according to text book winemaking standards but something was missing… Rob realized that wine is not about ‘perfection’ and that sometimes making a wine too perfect is less exciting than making a wine that represents the earth (hence the name ‘vin de terroir’) where it came from.


Abracadabra! Abraxas was born when Rob looked to his land for inspiration and not so much a wine critic’s score.  A world class wine is distinctive, unique, and tastes as though it came from somewhere.


This is a result of the interaction of place (Certified Organic vineyards), weather patterns (this is what vintage variation is all about) and the blending of four classic grape varietals that make the wine whole as a sum of its parts while at the same time avoiding manipulation of wine making techniques found in most modern cellars.


WHAT THIS MEANS FOR YOU is that this wine has layers of texture made up of components from each of the grapes – Riesling adds bright acidity, Pinot Blanc has length, spicy notes come from Gewürtraminer and Pinot Gris offers soft fruit character.  The Sinskey’s commitment to honoring the earth along with their grape growing and natural winemaking techniques makes this wine a perfect match for a variety of spring and summer vegetables just coming into season.

‘Though this wine is yummy young, the great surprise has been its ability to evolve with age… especially in magnums.’


Rob’s wife, Maria Helm Sinskey, (seen above) is the Chief Cook + Bottle Washer, along with the Culinary Director of the winery.  Her mantra is, “Eat seasonally, drink good wine and live a long and prosperous life.” Isn’t this what life on Nantucket is all about?  No wonder they are always Wine Luminaries at the annual Nantucket Wine Festival.



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