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In my book, there are two types of people in this world… Sweet People and Savory People. Heck, maybe you fancy both, good for you. If you’re like me, however, your biggest weakness is the sweets. A total taste bud take over, I can never resist a good dessert.

So loosen a button or two and as Tom and Donna say on Parks & Rec, “treat yo self”. Here are blACKbook’s top seven sweets on ACK!

1. The Galette at STRAIGHT WHARF

The talented chefs at Straight Wharf  spend hours preparing the Strawberry & Rhubarb Galette.  So, literally, honor the fruits of their labor and order it! The light and flaky pastry dough holds the most luxuriously tart fruit filling (that makes it a healthy choice in my book). A scoop of buttermilk ice cream slowly melts over the top, balancing the tartness perfectly and making the most incredible sauce. You may think this is a two spoons and a date kind of dessert, but unless you plan on having a spoon fight over the last bite…order one for yourself because it’s worth it. NOTE: keep an eye out for what SWR has up their sleeves as the fruit and ice cream flavors change periodically.




Have yourself a little Asian inspired stay-cation!  Now I can’t say that I have been to Hanoi, (the capital of Vietnam!) but I can say that this dessert makes it look pretty great. This semi sweet chocolate semi freddo island floats in a refreshing pool of passion fruit creme anglais. Two flavor combos I would have never thought of, but that balance each other incredibly. The “chocolate soil” adds just a bit of texture to compliment the dish and finally the sesame tuile adds a delicate crunch. In one bite you have it all – the smooth, rich chocolate melting in your mouth, the crunchy cocoa crumbles, and of course a little punch of passion fruit.


3.Trio Tray at CRU

If you have one dessert, you might as well have two…and while you’re at it add a third.  This dessert trio is the homerun of sweets. Combine CRU’s playful whoopee pies, black raspberry shortbread ice cream sandwich, and key lime pie in a mason jar. The whoopee pies are light and playful, yet decadent. The ice cream is cool and refreshing, complimenting the buttery shortbread. Finally, the key lime pie will leave you thinking you’re nestled in a hammock between two swaying palms in the sunshine state.


4. Bomboloncini at VENTUNO

These bittersweet chocolate doughnuts, served with a scoop of coffee gelato & topped with a rich chocolate sauce. The caramel forms a thin crunchy crust on top of the fluffy dough and the bittersweet chocolate oozes out upon first bite. They are definitely the most sinful of desserts. Sinful in the sense that it would be a sin not to get this dessert. If you confessed to not ordering these, the Father would be running out of the confessional and on his way to Ventuno to get his own before even giving you your penance.


5. Tres Leches at LOLA 41

Got milk? This three milk soaked cake is one of a kind. Topped with homemade whipped cream and housemate caramel sauce and fresh sliced strawberries, it is a little taste of heaven. (No wonder it’s been their best selling dessert since they opened!)


6. Triple Chocolate Cookie Pizza at OATH

Have your pizza, and dessert it to. If you’re looking to be quick and stay on your feet, head down the wharf for Oath’s Cookie pizza. Their light and airy crust is topped with cookie dough. Lots of cookie dough! Chocolate and powered sugar too…and some more cookie dough.  The Oath guys  know that all cookie dough really needs is just another buttery vessel to get it into your stomach. photo credit: Oath Instagram

7. Two Scoops of Anything at THE JUICE BAR

Call it adultery of plans, but you can never walk past the Juice Bar without giving into that temptingly sweet smell of fresh waffle cones. Mix and match flavors and toppings for your perfectly cool combo. I stick to Mint Chocolate chip ice cream -two scoops of course- in a warm waffle cone, and then rolled in chocolate sprinkles. Never let’s me down. Soon to be devoured…the Tollhouse Cookie Sandwich. This is a BIG step up from your childhood snack bar chip which.


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