We knew there were big changes ahead when Lemon Press made the move across the cobblestones to Main Street, but we had no idea what the transformation that the space, and the business, would under go.  From the earthy jungle vibes designed by Melanie Gowen right when you walk through the door, to the use of fresh ingredients in every dish, Lemon Press by day and Limon by night transports you from ACK to a Tulum-esque eco-chic cocina immediately upon walking through the door. To give you the rundown of this spectACKular transformation, you know we’ve got the inside scoop with the top 11 things to note on the new and improved LEMON PRESS/LIMON PERMANENT POP-UP! 


A new addition to Lemon Press this year is the addition of a head chef, whom we have been impressed by over and over again throughout the summer. From the tasting menus at the beginning of the season, to the introduction of fan favorites and Chef Ivan’s specialty ceviche, he has been dishing out fresh, seasonal and local shared plates. While he may be new to Lemon Press, Chef Ivan found his way to Nantucket after working across the globe in locations from Napa to Oaxaca, Italy to Miami, from the Caribbean to Monaco and beyond. Growing up in Mexico, Ivan Ceceña was in the kitchen with his mother from a very young age where his fascination of turning a few ingredients into preparations full of texture, taste and color grew. With his experiences breaking boundaries and curating different emotional connections to culture over the years, Ivan’s cooking style has come to be known as Mexican-Latin Freestyle Cuisine, and ensures a flavor explosion in every unique bite! 


Even before Chef Ivan came into the picture, Lemon Press specialized in their use of spices from around the world, which is something that we have loved from day one! This year, an emphasis on both local ingredients and international infusions is making this main street newcomer a must-see! The first dinners after opening were Chef Ivan’s chances at a tasting menu to see where his vision would take him, and now that it is later in the season, the dinner menu has really come into its own identity. Combinations of unusual & unique vegetables paired with local seafood is fused with foreign spices from the Mediterranean, Latin America & the Middle East, creating a truly unique dining experience that you can’t find anywhere else on island! 


If you’re looking for the perfect brunch spot, look no further. With a mimosa made from fresh cold pressed juices, and we don’t mean just your typical OJ either, an avocado toast with the works, plus a side of Chef Ivan’s black beans (one of our new favorites!) this is the perfect way to start your day. Among their healthy, hearty, and delicious options their new Spanish Shakshuka is a savory breakfast dish that diners have been loving lately! Feeling the repercussions of imbibing the night before? Don’t worry, Lemon Press can take care of that too. Their signature Black Magic juice with activated charcoal plus a classic bacon, egg, and cheese and you’ll be back to normal in no time. Take a seat on their comfy cushions, and settle in for a brunch that’ll have you feeling refueled, refreshed, and ready to take on the day! BONUS: They are family friendly, and one of the most insta-worthy restaurants on island! Just don’t forget to snap a pic before you dig in! 


Another newbie to the Lemon Press scene this year is the introduction of a full bar! The brand brought on Maria Cardona, a spicy & feisty Columbian bar manager that brings her personality into all of their signature cocktails. From Maria’s favorite (and team blACKbook fan girls as well!), the Cosmomexicali, to the Green Boose, there’s a little something for everyone! And better yet? All the bases, mixers, and added ingredients come from Lemon’s own cold press juices or fresh ingredients pureed in house. The only thing fresher than the drinks is the scene in which they are served – with totem poles hanging above the bar draped in greenery, you’ll feel like you’re in an outdoor oasis right on the beach! 


These days, ordering an entree is tough. Who wants one menu item when you can have it all? Luckily, at Limon you don’t have to make that tough choice. The menu is broken up into 6 sections: Crudo, Tapas, Tacos, Sides, Land and Sea, and you are encouraged to order a little bit of everything. Chef recommends letting him course it out for you, giving you flavors and dining experience as he intends it. Sharing family style likes this gives you the chance to try more dishes than you’d typically be able to, and with portions generous enough for 2 to 3 people, everyone will get their fair share. Mid-afternoon, this busy breakfast and lunch cafe transforms into a hot dinner locale.
The ambiance changes drastically from day to night during what Lemon Press refers to as “the flip”. Tables are moved around, candles are lit, and all of the daytime casual goes into hiding while the nighttime class comes out to play. When dining here, expect a beachy latin vibe, with music to match and flavors to follow!


This past winter we got a small taste of what Lemon Press is capable of when it comes to meal services and catering, but now with their extended menu and space, the possibilities are infinite! Whether you’re looking for the old school mezze or lunch platters that we came to know and love in past seasons, or something a little more sophisticated off the new dinner menu, Lemon Press has got you covered. From small, intimate gatherings to big parties with all your people, the staff at Lemon Press is capable of catering a fantastic meal! 


With the spacious dining room overlooking lively main street and the private and cozy Chef’s table upstairs, Lemon Press can accommodate whatever vibe you’re looking for in a private event. Both of these very different spaces can be rented out, giving you the flexibility to be right in the mix, or tucked away from the hustle and bustle for a more intimate gathering. Chef Ivan prides himself on providing excellent food for his customers, whether it be a family style service with passed apps, magnificent platters filled with a medley of his flavorful options, and an array of desserts, or a prefixed menu with individual servings. Host your next event with Lemon Press, and enjoy dining in the heart of downtown. Whether it is a staff party, celebratory dinner, or a cocktail and appetizer hour before hitting the town, Lemon Press knows how to hook it up! 


As if having a healthy haven on the first floor isn’t enough, new to 41 Main Street is Graceline, located right above Lemon Press. Fuel your body, than fuel your mind with this synergy. The Graceline Institute was founded by Mikaela Grace as an evolutionary atrium in the center of the community where all walks of life engage in direct and visceral experiences to strengthen the unified field and elevate the heartbeat of all humankind. Lemon Press is so happy to have Graceline as their neighbor, the relationship is incredibly organic, as the focus of both businesses is being kind to our bodies and to the Earth. Over here at blACKbook, we love their Sunday night dance sessions, find them on Instagram here


You know you’re doing something right when your coworkers become family, and Lemon Press has done just that. With each member of the kitchen crew being personally invited to join the adventure by Chef Ivan, and a front of house staff that is smiling so consistently you can’t tell if they are at work or a party, you can’t help but smile along with them throughout your experience there! The camaraderie, love, and support between them all is palpable, and they strive to treat customers the same way. You can taste the soul that goes into each of the dishes and specialty lattes, and with a view of one of the busiest downtown streets, the location just can’t be beat. Get off the boat, take a short stroll up the cobblestones, and enter into the oasis that Lemon Press has created, and you’ll know you are back in your happy place!


With the new layout and mid-day flip, the protocol at Lemon Press can be a little confusing, so here’s the skinny! For breakfast and lunch, Lemon Press does not take reservations. Place your order at the Host Stand in the middle, and grab yourself a number & seat, and the staff will bring it right out to you if you are dining in. Taking advantage of grab & go? Either pick something from their freshly stocked fridge and be on your way, OR give them a call and have your made-to-order selection ready to go when you walk through the door! Calling ahead will save you time, and make the beach that much closer. At night, Lemon Press transforms into full dining service restaurant, Limon. Call ahead to make reservations for dining in during dinner, and they will have a table ready and waiting for you!


From high chairs to bar stools, vegan breakfast to a hearty bacon egg and cheese, a priority principle at Lemon Press is having every walk of life feel welcome in their space, and able to find something on the menu that suits them. Lemon Press is a family, and wants their customers to feel that way too – everyone is treated like a regular by their warm and cheerful staff, and no matter what your dietary preferences or restrictions, we guarantee there will be something on the menu for you! This approachable, family friendly dining spot strives to connect with their customers, and give everyone a chance to enjoy their fresh, locally sourced dishes in a friendly and inviting space. Whether you’ve got the whole family with you, are on island for a bachelor or bachelorette party, or sneaking out for a date night with your significant other – Lemon Press has got a table for you!






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