our oh so knowledgable healthy lifestyle blogger, SARA BOYCE, has ten DELICIOUS tips for savoring the end of summer on ACK… see what she’s raving on below!

It’s August and the Livin’ is Easy – especially for those of us lucky enough to be on Nantucket. The days are long and warm, the water beckons, activities surround us and depending upon personal preference, there is always a quiet celebration (or a large party) awaiting with friends and family. There are OH SO many ways to make it A Delicious Lifestyle… (and by “delicious”, I refer to the full meaning of the word “affording great pleasure”). Still and all, the Deliciousness of August is tinged by the knowledge that the days are precious and numbered. However you choose to do so: get outside, soak up all this island has to offer like a greedy child in a candy shop and take advantage of what A Delicious Lifestyle we have!



DO Dine outside. Sure, there are a ton of wonderful with patio dining: Dune, Le Languedoc, Fusaro’s, Centre Street, Town, Island Kitchen, Cru, or The Boarding House (to name a few)… Get a friend (or more) or have a quiet night by yourself to soak up the setting sun. One of my favorites is to order a Lobster Take Out dinner from Sayle’s, and meet a group of friends at the beach. I’ve also been known to mix my epicurian sensibilities and occasional desire for easy grubbing by going to currentVintage (or Epernay, Brix, or Nantucket Wine & Spirits) to get a great bottle of wine to enjoy with takeout from The Strip or from the Thai House. photo credit: CRU


Oh sure. It’s been called a Drinking Island with a Fishing Problem… but let’s be honest – a cold beer on a hot day is a treat. Better if it’s local. Better yet if the brewers and staff are amazing. Best if their beverages consistently win awards! Check out the easy, social vibe at our local beer garten, Cisco Brewers… Chances are you’ll meet new friends, have some interesting conversations, and probably hear some music from one of our amazing Live & Local bands! Cocktails: Step into Atlas Restaurant (full disclosure: you’ll find me mixing up cocktails on the weekends) for an elixir sure to delight, or many of the fine restaurants in town. Wines: Visit any of our boutique wine stores for an exceptional bottle of wine – and you might even wander into a tasting with a visiting winemaker or expert!


DO get in the water! This is the time. The temperature is great (no flinching, day or night). Whether you like surf (south shore) or calm (north shore), harbor or ocean, life-guarded or not – there are so many options! A few of my favorites are Miacomet (a lifeguard on the ocean and near a pond for the little ones), Fisherman’s and Surfside (lifeguarded) on the South Shore, and Jetties, Steps and Dionis on the North Shore for those who want to avoid waves and enjoy serene swimming in the Harbor.
One of the most magical experiences I’ve ever had is swimming in the phosphorescence that come out every August. The best place is in the still waters of the harbor, after dark. Grab an ice cream from The Juice Bar or head to Jetties or Steps after dancing, throw caution to the wind and skinny dip (but don’t get caught!)… You’ll feel like TinkerBell spreading sparkley fairy dust as you swim!


DO get yourself on a dance floor. For House Music, head to Atlas Saturday nights or to the NHA Monday nights where the Audio Architechs are hosting the Summer Series. Live Music? Get to The Chicken Box! Top 40 Dance Music? Head to the Rose & Crown, Nantucket Ballroom Dancing hosts Thursday evenings at the Nantucket Hotel, Andrey Stanev is teaching a group lesson which turns into a dance party after.



DO use those miles of bike paths, whether you bike, rollerblade or jog, they make commuting and exercising easy. Check out Peter Brace’s Nantucket Walkabout or book a tour with the Nantucket Bike Tours. Rent a SUP board or kayak at Sea Kayak Nantucket on Washington Street or sign up for one of Caitlin Marcoux’s SUP fitness and yoga classes Paddle Nantucket. Make sure to stretch and relax in one of our many locations to practice yoga – Supta Yoga at 9 Amelia is the newest!

beach permit

Some of my best memories of quintessential Nantucket are at Great Point. The picnic preparation, the lowering of the tire pressure, the bumpy drive on the sand, and then… the prize of feeling far away from everything. Fishing at sunset, grilling, and feeling far, far away from the madding crowd. Psst: Remember to lower your tire pressure and buy your Oversand Vehicle Permit at the Gatehouse on your way!



Nantucket is loaded with talented, creative people. Take advantage of all the arts and culture on the island. For theatre, head to Theatre Workshop of Nantucket or White Heron for an impressive display of theatrical performances. The Dreamland has a wide array of performances and The Starlight remains a favorite for movies. (Where else can you bring a beer AND your popcorn in to watch a movie on the silver screen?) Friday nights are rife with openings at the art galleries. Wander and be amazed at the talent that is on our small island…


We have soooo many farms now! The largest are Moor’s End and Bartlett’s Farm – which have always been great options to get fresh Nantucket corn, tomatoes, and more… Sustainable Nantucket runs a Farmer’s Market Saturday mornings where you can find fresh produce as well as hand crafted artisanal treasures created by many of our local artists.


beach read

One of life’s greatest pleasures is storytelling – both giving and receiving. DO treat yourself to a visit to one of Wendy Hudson’s bookstores, Mitchell’s or Nantucket Bookworks, and search out a story from their amazing selection of books. Bonus: getting to meet Wendy herself, or maybe even one of our many local authors like Nat Philbrick, Elin Hildebrand, Nancy Thayer, or Peter Brace. Photo Credit: Nantucket Bookworks



DO walk the beaches. Jetties to Dionis is one of my favorites: the beach is as flat as it gets on Nanucket, and it’s easy to splash along the waters edge, or on the sandbar. Miacomet to Surfside is also a great walk – slightly more incline, and the temptation to swim usually involves waves! For more off the beaten path suggestions, pick up Peter Brace’s book, or BOOK A HIKE with him and sip from his vast well on island knowledge at Nantucket Walkabout.

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 Sara Boyce, MBA, MPH brings her creative vision and personalized attention to each client.  With a 24-year career in marketing, her approach is strategic, collaborative, and effective. Coincidentally, she has also spent the last 24 years without flour and sugar and coaches people who want to transform their bodies and live a healthy lifestyle. A long-time Nantucket resident, Sara eats clean and healthy, but rarely turns down a glass of good wine or the occasional cream sauce. She has a crazy belief that a life that prioritizes beauty, health, and wellness is actually A Delicious Lifestyle and has a blog to prove it!  Email her at Sara@SaraBoyce.com