Harborview… Yes, Please

MANtucket blACKbook takes a STAYcation


Nantucket can be a romance paradise. With photographic beaches, immaculate restaurants, and a town that looks like it’s in a snow globe, ACK is the perfect place to get away from reality. Being a summer and Fall resident for the past four seasons, I sometimes forget just how beautiful this island is to the people who may only get a chance to visit for a weekend each year. So this past weekend I swapped my Nike’s out for my tourist shoes, threw on a wrinkled button down, and put the bar rag down for a second to see what it was like for STAYcation on Nantucket.


I didn’t fool around either. Savoring a spot at Harborview Nantucket, I instantly felt that vacation magic. I stayed in the cozy cottage Water’s Edge, which provides a spectacular view of the harbor and an outside patio area that is hard to leave. The spacious floor plan and bright living space is dangerously romantic. Elephant man would be hard pressed not to land a smooch in this cottage.


After checking in at Captain’s Lounge I walked through the small courtyard and followed the stone steps to my luxurious abode. With the Atlantic Ocean literally washing on my feet, a balcony normally reserved for House Beautiful magazine, and landscaping that would make any green thumb bat an eye, I felt like a million bucks. A stay here is really something special.


Taking advantage of the amenities, I watched the sun go down over the long wharf in front of me and toasted with large wine glasses normally reserved for the Robert Redford’s of the world. After eating some ripened blue cheese and crisp crackers (some of  the best I’ve ever had courtesy of currentVintage) putting on a chilling clinic and doing a little ‘I can’t believe I’m staying here’ dance in the living room, I decided to head to town.

But let me be honest, it was hard leaving my studio. The panoramic coastal views were breathtaking. The open doors allow for you to feel like in you’re in the garden, while the space-saving pocket doors allow for added privacy. If you want to stay in your deluxe room until the early afternoon, something I would certainly suggest, the kitchen is suitable for Emerald himself.

Sushi Bar

I headed into town for dinner at Lola 41 … which was delicious as usual and the vibe was perfect for the romantic setting. (PS, get the Maruko Roll, best sushi roll I have ever had in my life.) Conversation just comes easier when you know you are staying at Harborview. Maybe it’s science, maybe its psychological, but I really didn’t have a worry in the world on this night.


After enjoying a post dinner drink at the bACK bar at Ventuno, I went back to Water’s Edge. The large doors opened up to let the ocean breeze flow through my room perfectly complementing the easily lit fireplace. The lights, Wi-Fi and trinkets were easily operable, and sleeping came easy with the ocean crashing just outside of my door.


I woke up… but this time, the dream was real. Soaking in the view for one last time, I made a coffee and returned to the patio king’s quarters. As I kicked rocks back to my actual shack, the memory of my voluptuous crib would never be forgotten.

I felt like I was on an episode of The Bachelor. So relaxed. So comfortable. Vacation on this island is what people wake up on Monday’s for. You really can’t beat it.


Despite the changing of the seasons, now may be the best time to take a weekend away at the Harborview Nantucket.

Remember to always keep the energy up, but make sure you take time to appreciate the down time. Enjoy your stay.


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