There’s a serious health & wellness buzz going on ’round Nantucket… and we got a sneak peek into a brand new store that recently opened! Welcome to the neighborhood, ACKFresh! This shop is putting the healthy bACK in living with their delicious selection of cold pressed juices and snacks! At ACKFresh, set on 27 Easy Street, you’ll find your fill of good and good for you items as well as unique lifestyle brands… and their management has spent years finding the best of the best when it comes to fresh produce and cool products!


Their “Main Squeeze” team and Chief Juicemaster Samantha Stillings press nearly everyday to bring you handcrafted handmade small batch juices to please both entry level and serious juicers alike! Here blACKbook gives you our FIVE reasons to check out ACKFresh… and why this store should become a staple in your daily routines!

1. 100% raw, vegan, organic… cold pressed juice is health in a bottle!

They juice nearly everyday to bring you a variety of juice flavors ranging from fruit and veggie blends to more complex all veggie selections. The juices are nutrient dense, and contain up to 2lbs. of vegetables and average 200 calories. The cold-pressed method is superior to centrifugal machines because it preserves the whole nutrient – all the vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients that boost energy and support a healthy lifestyle.


2. Their “be healthy” mission is simple …

ACKfresh says… “if you drink a juice a day for 21 days – you have formed a habit that will incrementally improve your health over time. Juicing regularly can reduce your risk of cancer, boost your immune system, help you remove toxins from your body, and aid digestion.”


3. ACKfresh is kid friendly!

ACKfresh says “Our Barnaby juices were developed especially for kids by size, a smaller 8oz serving and taste, fruit and veggie blends to encourage them to develop good nutrition habits and provide an alternative to sweet and sugary drinks. The Barnaby partnership was developed with local author and artist Wendy Roulliard, our good friend and Nantucket treasure, who designed our logo and drinks our juice.”

4. ACKFresh is more than JUICE… it’s a lifestyle!

The team over at ACKFresh is carefully curating their store with Eco-friendly, sustainable, local and bio-dynamic products. You’ll look forward to checking out new brands every time you stop by as they add new products! ACKFresh says, “We have hand selected a variety of products that support a healthy lifestyle! We have no shortage of ideas on how to support and inspire health so look for classes, lectures, and other activities at our 27 Easy Street store!”

5. ACKfresh thinks LOCALLY!

ACKfresh says… “We are committed to the local and sustainable economy of Nantucket – we source as much of our produce as we can from the farms of Nantucket – boatyard, pumpkin pond, and moors end and Bartlett’s. We love that the highest quality kale, berries, greens, wheatgrass, and other hand picked juice ingredients are nurtured and grown here on Nantucket.”
NEW to ACKFresh! The TripleO… Organic Overnight Oats … easy + healthy breakfasts on the GO!
27 Easy Street, Nantucket ~ Open Daily 7AM until 6PM ~
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