Welcome to The Handlebar Cafe!

He’s your go to digital media guru guy… she’s your lovable school teacher.. together they started the Nantucket Bike Tours.. and now they’ve opened their very own wifi coffee hotspot with THE HANDLEBAR CAFE.

5 things to note on the Handlebar:

1. Customer Service + Hospitality… Jason and Courtney and their staff are all about good quality interactions with their customers. With their smiling faces and knowledge of the island, the Handlebar Cafe peeps are some of the best out there!


2. Good Community Vibes + killer tunes at all times! The Handlebar will have chill background music that will keep you alert – they’re even talking about having guest playlists down the road from Nantucketer’s who also have great music taste! The Handlebar Cafe will be turned into an event space at night in the future… and Mr. Handlebar and Miss blACKbook will teach classes there!


3. It’s a cool place to sit downtown… inside or outside.. enjoy some sunshine or have a meeting indoors, read a book from their community book shelf! Bring some friends and then meet new people… savor a cup or coffee or enjoy an iced coffee on the go.

4. Handlebar is on 15 Washington Street… so it’s in a High Traffic area and it’s easily accessable!

5. This is the place that you’re going to want to spend time in! It’s a cafe for anyone and everyone and you’ll be coming back to again and again!

BONUS: the handlebar has KILLER WIFI.. yep, this is the spot to get your INternet ON! Not only wil you get great service, but you’ll find places to plug in and charge up… and even more of this on the way!

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grab + go… park your car in the town lot and grab your coffee on the way into work during the mornings. (BONUS: they open at 6:30AM for those early risers!)

business meetings… Looking for a great place to connect and chat with clients? This new spot has indoor seating and tables for four as well as some outdoor areas to park as well!

those with a sweet tooth... Here you’ll find delicious baked goods from Wicked Island Bakery like those addictive morning buns and strawberry muffins as well as cookies from Dancing Deer, a Vermont Family Favorite! GLUTEN FREE? No problem… you can grab an UDI’S cookie too!

?  KIDS! They have kid friendly snacks and sips from apple sauce to chocolate milk as well plenty of room for kids to relax and wait while you get your caffiene fix. There’s also a kiddie book basket in the lounge area, right next to the grown up book shelf so they can stay entertained while you get your drinks!

DOGS! dog gets hydrated while you get caffeinated! The Handlebar is home to the first BARK BAR on the island! So while you get your buzz, your dogs get some water outside! Love this idea!

The Handlebar not only serves up some of the best coffee out there… but is also be a great place to find unique gifts and fun and fresh presents for the lovely people in your life! From cool jewelry to Nantucket mugs, vintage coffee scoops and even Shark Tank Products!

blACKbook says… 3 Handlebar retail items to check out:

1. Nuts n More (as seen as shark tank) a protein fortified, no sugar added peanut butter and almond butter! They say it has “great flavors… toffee or cinamon raison…” and lets be honest, eveything is better with peanut butter! 14 grams of protein without any added sugar or calories… $12 for almond butter, $10 peanut butter
3. Zoe Beach Toys organic beach toys: can break down and no damage to the oceean as they are made of corn! comes in a kit with pale + shovels and perfect for that last minute beach purchase as you get your coffee to go... to the beach!
2. Zoe Beach Toys organic beach toys that can break down with no damage to the oceean as they are made of corn and biodegradable! They come in a kit with pail + shovels and perfect for that last minute purchase as you get your coffee to go… to the beach!


3. Dog Eared selection of bike necklaces on chains or on cord — good vibes only has that beachy spirit… these are great gifts for the cycle lovers!


COOL FEATURE: the Handlebar Cafe wifi password will change all the time — and they’ll make sure that the password revolves around fun activities and events happening on the rock… need to know it? It will be on the back board by the register!

 photo 4

And when you come to the HANDLEBAR, you’re going to enter and find there’s always something new… down the road… they’re looking to place orders through a mobile app as well as have delivery girls and guys around town… so you will be able to call in your order… pay for it… AND have it delivered! How awesome is that going to be!?! Stay tuned for the announcement of the mobile app launch!

Beauty_Beach_2014 (248 of 165)
do Jason and Courtney look familiar? Maybe because they were our crown jewel in the Beauty & The Beach fashion show in June… they got married that morning and were in the fashion show that afternoon! We love their fun and fresh spirited ways!


15 Washington Street Open Seven Days 6:30AM to 6PM


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