A Nantucket 9 From Nathan Coe

When it comes to photography on Nantucket… there are a few people that possess a certain skill of making us see the island differently, over and over again… and one of those people is a man named NATHAN COE. This acclaimed photographer (who’s represented in Nantucket and New York and his work has been published in Town & Country and Vogue) takes the idea of double exposures, nudes and Nantucket landscapes to new heights… here are the Nantucket Nine that we’re crushing on and story behind the images from none other than Nathan Coe himself.


A beautiful double exposure that reveals the road out to Great Point. Nathan says… “I love how the model is enveloped and camouflaged in the majestic environment. It’s almost safari like … when I created the double exposure, it immeditaltly looked like a snake across her body. The unison of the dune grass and sand worked really well.”


This gorgeous edition is available in any size and to be customized for unique locations. Nathan Says… “What I love about this one is it’s a saturated under exposed raw shot of one of our great icons in all its beauty. The sheer magnitude of the photo shows every weathered element of this iconic lighthouse. It stand center stage in all its glory… it’s truly about seeing it big.” 


Nathan Says… “This is an accumulation of every master photographer I have studied and admired… but making it my own in one of my favorite locations in the world.” Take note… this photo series is the first time Nathan shot landscapes nudes. He says… “The simple diagonal composition leads us into the window which frames the nude.”


Nathan Says… “This is the Nantucket Dilemma… another iconic shot that everyone that comes to this beautiful island witnesses a lot but rarely captures. It’s about the two directions leading you out to the many beautiful spots on the island… almost like a sliding doors… it’s so Nantucket-y these roads found behind Miacomet… inviting the viewer to another treasured Nantucket memory.”


Nathan Says…  “What I love about this is the female form is dressed perfectly with the shoreline and surfside sunset… it immediately made me think she was dressed in a sunset sarong… hence the title.”


Nathan Says… “I love everything about this… it’s the calm before the storm.. it’s the island waiting for the madness and energy to come… not a breath, not a whisper, not a boat… just anticipation for the summer ahead.” Shot spring of 2016 at just after sunset.


Take note.. this photo is part of the Great Point Nude Series… this is a tongue in cheek blend of Nathan’s European personality. (He hails from Yorkshire and has been living on Nantucket for the last dozen years.) Nathan Says… “I love the composition from lighthouse to model to old school Rover with iconic beach permits and bumper stickers loved by all… it adds a personal and quirky element to the frame.”


Nathan Says… “This is a dramatic look at the last moment of the day… it was shot ten seconds before the foreground went pitch black on Great Point… I love the slither of the days last rays striking the sand and the top of the dune grass for the very last time of that day.”


The Great Divide
Nathan Says… “This was a spontaneous moment captured where model was walking into the lighthouse and I quickly reacted and squared up the frame to create symmetry of opposites. Her interaction with the white wall is very different to the background of the dunes. The model acting as the center line between the two different textures and palettes.”

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