We all know Nantucket is better when shared…  and so is a bottle of wine! And the family at Donelan Family Wines truly understands the art of togetherness as shown through wine and their time spent with one another on island. Aside from enjoying a bottle of Two Brothers at Lola 41 or Nancie Chardonnay at the beach, I’ve also had the privilege to tour the Donelan Vineyard in Sonoma, California.

A family owned and operated business, Donelan Family Wines is a boutique Sonoma winery that prides itself on quality above all. They believe that the best wines are not made but discovered. According to this grape loving group, “we take pride in harnessing the greatest qualities and natural variations in a vineyard and a variety…we make wine with patience, embracing the mystery of what nature gives us.”

Focusing on a community-oriented approach, and made for any and all vino lover from newbies to aficionados, Donelan Family Wines is like the Nantucket Nectars of wines for our island.

So without further adieu… let us in,troduce you to the Donelan Family.



Favorite Nantucket beach: Miacomet

Favorite Nantucket restaurant: Love all restaurants that carry our wine of course! Lola 41 for the lobster fettuccine, Le Languedoc, Straight Wharf, Greydon House & American Seasons…

Favorite month on Nantucket: May for the celebrations, June for childhood memories with adventures after a school year, September for beaches, sunsets & October for the Indian Summer, crisp air, scalloping and small dinner parties

Favorite Nantucket Memory: Too many to pick only one… but in the 1990s when my children started learning about wine, we would go out and have a great wine dinner under the supervision of Michael Fahey, sommelier of Toppers and food by chef Peter Wallace.

Favorite Nantucket Community Event: Nantucket Boys & Girls Club Summer Groove


Wine named after her: Cuvée Christine Syrah (95+ points!)

Favorite Nantucket beach: Miacomet

Favorite Nantucket restaurant: Love all the restaurants especially the ones that carry our wines! I Love Le Languedoc, Straight Wharf, and Lola 41 (blACKbook note: can you tell they enjoy their date nights together??)

Favorite month on Nantucket: July because it’s like Christmas and all our family comes to visit

Favorite Nantucket memory: Favorite memory is relaxing at sunset after a glorious beach day with my family and enjoying a glass of Nancie Chardonnay


Wine named after them: Cuvée Keltie Syrah

Line of work: Previously in finance, now raising 2 young girls

Favorite Nantucket beach: Ladies for the waves, and Dionis for the kids (love the sandbar!)

Favorite Nantucket restaurant: I love Straight Wharf, the food is great and I love sitting on the deck. I worked there in college — it’s a fun place to come back to.

Favorite month on Nantucket: I love September (my husband and I were married on island in September!). The crowds thin, the weather is still gorgeous. June is a close second…

Favorite Nantucket Memory: This is a hard one. Our wedding is a great one! But, I really love ALL of them. From being little and riding our bikes to get penny candy, boogie boarding all day with my brothers, sister and friends, to exploring the island and all of it’s hidden treasures, and now seeing my daughters enjoy it as much as I do is really special. Everyday on Nantucket is a good one!

Favorite Nantucket Community Event: The 4th of July festivities on Main Street are a favorite, there is something for everyone; and I love the fireworks

Who are you named after and/or what is the story behind your name: I am named after my fathers Grandmother, Elizabeth Keltie and I have her last name.


Wine named after them: Tripp’s Block Pinot Noir & The Two Brothers Pinot Noir

Line of work: Sales

Favorite Nantucket beach: Cisco

Favorite Nantucket restaurant: Straight Wharf

Favorite month on Nantucket: September

Favorite Nantucket Memory: Every time I’m there, being with family and friends and enjoying all the island has to offer

Favorite Nantucket Community Event: The Boys & Girls Club Summer Groove

Who are you named after and/or what is the story behind your name:  My real name is Joseph Patrick Donelan III, I am named after my father, I get Tripp from being the 3rd.


Wine named after them: Cushing’s Block Pinot Noir & Two Brothers Pinot Noir

Line of work: Marketing Director, TV & Film Production

Favorite Nantucket beach: Cisco

Favorite Nantucket restaurant: The Galley

Favorite month on Nantucket: September

Favorite Nantucket Memory: It’s a tie! Getting engaged over July 4th, 2010 at Steps Beach and getting married in September 2011 with the reception at the Nantucket Yacht Club.

Favorite Nantucket Community Event: The Thanksgiving Turkey Plunge

Who are you named after and/or what is the story behind your name:  It was the name of my mother’s college roommate’s brother…  She had to wait until her 3rd child to use it, that’s why I’m the favorite!


Wine named after them: Cuvée Moriah, it’s a Grenache blend

Line of work: Elementary Teacher in New York City

Favorite Nantucket beach: Miacomet Beach, I believe the exact number is 13B,  but essentially any beach that is relatively quiet and allows for some breathing room!

Favorite Nantucket restaurant: Favorite restaurant is hard, but I think I’d go with Black Eyed Susan’s for breakfast or dinner. My husband and I had a quiet private dinner for 2 there the night before our wedding and we had breakfast there the morning after getting engaged, so it’s special for the 2 of us!

Favorite month on Nantucket: September. The island is finally quiet and the beach is still nice to go to.

Favorite Nantucket Memory: So many. I got engaged and married on island, it’s also the place where my family is most often gathered together. But, my favorite moment could be any time I get off a plane or ferry and set foot on island. The air has a unique quality and a sense of tranquility just takes over…its hard to explain, but Nantucket people get it.

Favorite Nantucket Community Event:  I love the tree lighting at the top of Main Street, the Friday after Thanksgiving. It’s a time for family and to celebrate the up and coming holiday season.  It is rich with tradition and Nantucket flair, like the town crier!

Who are you named after and/or what is the story behind your name: I am named after one of my dad’s great aunts.

Where to find them…

Whether you find yourself at LoLa 41 or Epernay, Le Languedoc  or Station 21, Greydon House or Current Vintage, The Club Car or SWR, Fresh or Nantucket Island Spirits, American Seasons or Topper’s at the Wauwinet, you will be able to find and enjoy a glass (or bottle!) of this special collection of Donelan Family Wines.


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all photos by the talented JDN PHOTOGRAPHY