There are a few things that you should and shouldn’t do when the parents visit. Have six drinks before dinner, that would fall under the “don’t” list. Nonchalantly toss parking ticket #256 under your passenger seat, we’ll also file that under the “don’t” list. Miss breakfast, but make last call at Stubby’s for chicken littles with cheese and extra ranch…also something not necessarily gold star worthy from the people who raised you. Yet, there is one thing that parents are usually pretty content with when visiting the rock; seeing their child be as happy as they can possibly be.


The ‘rents time can be limited. Fitting everything into a five-day period is a challenge. The parents’ precious stint is a golden opportunity to step back and look at how lucky you are to call Nantucket home. This is your opportunity to give them a very well deserved thank you for whatever guidance they provided in directing you 30 miles out to sea.


Spending a day at Great Point was tailor-made for the parental units. There is just something so unique about driving on the sand. Rent a jeep from our friends Tim and Skip at Affordable Rentals, buy a Great Point access pass, let the air out of the tires and you’ll be ripping through Nantucket dunes in no time. Driving a Jeep on the sand en route to a beautiful lighthouse is comparable to riding a sea-doo – if you’re not smiling, you’re probably a grumpy person that I don’t want to hang out with. Great Point has it all and the only things moms love more than lighthouses, are views of nature. Great Point has both.


There is a lot of print dedicated to the chow on this island, but the praise is well deserved. Nautilius is perfect for the parents to get a taste of the Nantucket dining experience. The energy is always contagious and the cocktails are ridiculously good. Fellow patrons won’t shoot you a dirty look if you clap when your tuna poke comes out of the kitchen or stand and make a toast that can be heard from the Vineyard. The newly added lamb chops and soft shell crab plates are a must. The Nautilius also provides a great place for friends to stop by for a drink at your table before going about their business. On the flip side, if your friends’ parents are in town, this provides the ideal opportunity to score a quick bite, as everyone always orders too many small plates, cue mooching 101.


All Nantucket residents know that it isn’t just acai bowls and long walks on the beach.  In the case of my Father, the rock n’ roll pastime of Aerosmith and Van Halen are ingrained in his brain. He usually takes to the air guitar these days, but I had to show pops my natural habitat.  The music at the Chicken Box is getting better every year and now that we are in the summer sing of things, it gets better every week. There is no better late night entertainment on island than the music at the BOX. Parents deserve to know what all the fuss is about. Upcoming shows include The Movement, Trombone Shorty and Talib Kwali just to name a few. Everybody loves seeing a dad make last call.


We all need a little tranquility after head-bopping at the BOX. Siasconset provides the perfect place to take the parents for peace and quiet during the summer months. Claudette’s is an ideal spot to enjoy a sandwich and bask in the calming lifestyle of the 02564. My mom was raving about the ‘sconset bluff walk, which offers an awesome view of the eastern shore and some easy exercise. Of course, this provides a chance to have the inevitable conversation about erosion and how much you love Nantucket; parent conversations 101.

charlie oe

For residents and industry people alike, the summer grind can be taxing. This certainly isn’t a complaint, but I won’t see much thumb twiddling in Summer ’16. We took a casual stroll around town for the first time in a long time. Just casually walking through Nantucket, seeing the various businesses, and appreciating their exclusivity and statuesque qualities, reminded me of the small town charm Nantucket possess. To feel like a tourist again on the cobblestones gives a fresh understanding to the appeal of ACK.


At the end of the day, your parents did something right in allowing you to live in this unbelievable location. To my knowledge, I am not a parent, but my folks always said, “nothing makes a parent happier, than seeing your child happy”. So far, so good mom and dad.

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