MANtucket says… “I’m unavailable on Sundays. Don’t text me, don’t call me, don’t write me, and don’t even fax me. Unless you want to talk about spreads, pizza bagels, how handsome Patriots quarterbacks are, or how much pants perspiration I’m going to have by the 4 o’clock kickoffs, consider me on the Vineyard. Sundays have become religious for me… in a football sense.


I consume seven to nine hours of football every Sunday and am always left wanting more. I’m a sicko. Despite the loud cries from significant others across America, NFL Sunday is part of a man’s life. Nachos, meat, high fives, gambling… this spells M-A-N when traced backed to its Latin etymology. Nantucket is no exception to the male population. This is how you do a football Sunday on ACK.

Quarter 1: Faregrounds & Pudleys Pub


Spirits are high in the early morning and the energy is electric before kick-off at the pub. The bar is sprinkled with various colored jerseys of all 32 teams and everybody thinks they know everything. A survivor pool called “Last Man Standing” is all the fuss, and in week two most suckers think they really have a shot at the massive pool. I’m one of those suckers. This atmosphere feels more like a Vegas war room than a Nantucket bar. Considering it’s Sunday morning I usually try to slink away after making my picks but that’s impossible with these bartenders. Skip out on a shot here and you will be ridiculed relentlessly. This isn’t a world for the soft, it’s a place for the savvy. Considering how polluted my body becomes on Sundays pizzas are basically a vegetable. The buffalo chicken pizza is awesome. Feel free to dip that baby in ranch if you really feel like letting go.

Quarter 2: Prime


It’s probably about two in the afternoon and your lock of the week is already down 14-0. But it’s early. Your fantasy team still has three players to play in the afternoon and your lucky game day shirt is still stainless. A massive TV behind the bar presents a sort of stadium seating allowing you to root and cheer for your team from the back all the way to the bar in the patio area. You already said “I’m not hungry” while polishing off two slices of your boy’s buffalo chicken pizza before having a water today, but football Sunday is a marathon, not a sprint. There is no better way to get a base for day drinking than Prime’s “Big M-ACK Burger.” This little thing called “prime sauce” is special. I could dip a banana in this sauce. This is Nantucket’s version of the Big Mac and it makes a strong case for the best burger in town. The steamed mussels are also one of my favorites with a garlic, shallot and white wine sauce that are absolutely money. I love watching the games here but I’m restless on Sundays.

Quarter 3: B-ACK yard BBQ 


There is a plethora of televisions in this BBQ joint. You can’t take a bite of brisket without catching a hot juke on a screen here. Every game, every Sunday is right in front of you. BBQ and football go together like Kim and Kanye and this may be the best place to get that tailgate feel. B-ACK Yard BBQ has an extensive whiskey selection and you can’t go wrong with a little BBQ. Make this a part of your Sunday routine.

Quarter 4: Ventuno Back Bar


The day is nearing a close. You’re in the afternoon slate and you probably have a pretty good idea about where you stand on the conclusion of this day. With there being less games in the late afternoon, 4-10 televisions isn’t a requirement for adequate football viewing. You need to lock in. There is no better way to polish off man’s day than a bowl of pasta. Being outside with the fall breeze and crystal clear high definition televisions in your lap, you’re a bowl of pasta away from an all-timer. The strozzapretti with chicken sausage, broccoli rabe, and pecorino is my favorite dish on island. I live by the slogan “I don’t pay for noodles,” but this is my exception. The homemade pasta dish is the reason Ventuno is one of the most popular restaurants on Nantucket.

Overtime: Chicken Box


This isn’t your typical BOX night. This is not Jack Wills night with 21-year old beautiful babies frolicking about in mid-July. I’ve broken down the door to the box on a football Sunday elated with big pockets and celebration and I’ve crawled in there smelling like broken dreams. Despite how your day has gone, whether you pop bottles because of that parlay you hit, or your shorts are stained with pizza sauce because of a pity pepperoni slice you purchased at 3 o’clock, the box is a great place to catch a game. Sporting multiple televisions, great bartenders, numerous bar games such as shuffle board and pool, and plenty of patrons who want to talk pigskin, the box is a great spot to end the evening.  

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Fall and football go hand and hand. It’s my favorite time of year. Catch a game, have a beer, and enjoy the best time of year on Nantucket. Go Pats. Follow along on the instagram at @swoops44