What’s new and noteworthy on Nantucket right now? HAWTHORNE PARK, that’s what! These thoughtfully designed homes are ideal for entertaining, rejuvenating and reconnecting in the spirit of Nantucket’s unique role as the ultimate seasonal getaway!
And we’ve got the scoop on this new development thanks to our real estate gurus Jen Shalley and Erin Wilson of Fisher Real Estate…So sit back as we connect you with the six things to note about why you’ll be digging the Hawthorne Park vibes in this “Bridge to Cisco” community!

The Location

Cisco brings the heat and this is a super desirable location! Now Hawthorne Park is creating the ultimate lifestyle around this area. Conveniently located a mile from downtown Nantucket as well as moments from the beach, Cisco Brewery, Bartlett’s and 167 Raw fish market, you’ll find the best of Nantucket within moments of your driveway. We love how this “Bridge to Cisco”, offers a sweet spot as the central point between the sandy shores and the cobblestone streets. No worrying about town traffic here, bike paths are truly where it’s at in our blACKbook.
photo: Matt Kisiday
As listing agent Jen Shalley told us, “whether it’s off-roading in the Bronco or peddling post-beach into Town, Hawthorne Park’s location is designed to put Nantucket’s bounty of rituals and excursions within easy reach.”

The Community

We all know that one of the best ways to enjoy Nantucket is with each other, and the Hawthorne Park community is perfectly set to be one special family space. With pool and spa, private 3-acre park, walking trails, cabana and gym, Hawthorne Park will evolve into  your own little club to enjoy with your friends and family of all ages. With Hassle-Free Ownership, Hawthorne Park reflects a love of island tradition but brings a fresh approach to community design so you can maximize time with the people you love most.
“The community at Hawthorne Park allows for the vibes of a private club all located conveniently within your condensed community,” As listing broker Erin Wilson told us.  “So you can enjoy the spa, pool and gym right in your backyard.”

Pool To Beach Proximity

Speaking of water… Hawthorne Park has both pool side and seaside socializing at its ACK finest. Whether you’re a beach bum looking to cruise over to Ladies, or more interested in leisurely lounging by your own waterscape, the beach to pool proximity at Hawthorne Park is right on point. This is a water lover’s dream set up!
photo: Matt Kisiday
As Jen said, “With close proximity to the beaches at Cisco, Surfside, and Dionis and just a few minutes away from Nantucket Island Surf school, the wave-chasers can paddle out after a quick peddle on the bike path or go for a run that leads to a dip in the ocean at any one of these fabulous beaches!”

 Turnkey Homes

Effortless island living was top of mind with the design of Hawthorne Park. The ease of the homes make it so you can just pack your suitcase and head out on your ferry or flight as everything is  awaiting for you to arrive and simply enjoy Nantucket.
“Whether it be the HOA-managed community amenities or the option to buy your home fully furnished, the idea is that when you arrive on-island, you can literally drop your weekender bag and head out adventuring,” Erin said.

  That Ultimate Lifestyle

Thoughtfully designed lifestyle is what you find with Hawthorne Park. This is where one finds just enough of everything that there is to love about the island, all in one place. From front porches to meandering paths to socially inviting shared spaces, we love how this community is all seamlessly sewn together by gentle native landscaping.
And these homes are built and designed by the teams at Workshop/APD and Blue Flag Development, (who you know we’re big fans of from our coverage of Union Lights and the Tidewater Cottages!) “Blue Flag Development has already built a following on island due to their high end designs and incredible thought they put into all of there homes. While new, their houses always have character,” says Erin.
photo: Matt Kisiday
So reserve now and move in for Summer 2019! Take Note:  Three of the seventeen homes have already sold so get in this season so you can select the lot and home type of your choice!

READY TO LEARN MORE? Contact our friends Jen and Erin by emailing them below!