After a long summer of late nights here on ACK and possibly some over-indulgence? It might be time to turn the focus inward, and make some time for ourselves. Self-care is a much overlooked, yet critical part to being healthy, happy and productive. Give yourself permission to make your health and well-being a priority. This fall, dedicate a little time to each of these three areas – BODY, MIND, and SPIRIT.


To create any lasting change in the body you must create sweat, to maintain a healthy heart and mobility you must move regularly, to keep muscle aches and pains away you must stretch – 30 minutes a day is a great rule of thumb. On Nantucket we are so fortunate to have lots of great resources to motivate us – here are 3 of my favorites.

Nantucket Cycling and Fitness – Lisa Wisentaner has created a boutique fitness studio where you can get your sweat on with any one of her amazing spin classes. And if your muscles need some pumping join the tiny Irish superwoman Jenny Hanlon for her Ryde and Rip class. The best part is there is no membership fee – pay by the class.

Supta Yoga if you really want to sweat and strengthen your muscles while cultivating mindfulness try a yoga class with Meg Roar (as seen above in photo) or one of her amazing teachers. The studio is warmed and the can be both restorative and  vigorous. Your mind is so busy focusing on moving your body there is little time worry or think of anything else, a trick to teach you mindfulness. Don’t be fooled into thinking yoga is all about stretching, it builds muscles using your own body weight.

Core Pilates Studio if you haven’t tried Pilates, you’re missing out on a low impact, easy on the joints, core-focused method of strength training and stretching. Courtney McKechnie has created a studio where you can take private or group instruction and has assembled a great team of teachers. Maybe you read about Ali Lubin in the last issue of N magazine? She’s a classically trained ballerina who is an awesome Pilate’s instructor.

September Salt Scrub

It’s time to refresh your tired summer skin with a DIY salt scrub. Grab some salt – go for the finest texture you can find (currently loving Epsom or Himalayan salts). If you have some coconut oil in your kitchen, take ½ cup and warm it (it will liquefy) on the lowest heat setting. Mix 1 cup of  salt with the warm oil in a glass ball jar and add 5-7 drops of essential oil. I like lavender for relaxing or grapefruit for energizing. Apply with your hands in the shower and rinse off the salt. Voila! Your skin is refreshed and moisturized.

Juice Cleanse

Even a one day reset can be beneficial to the body, especially if you are drinking cold pressed juice. In these juices the enzymes, vitamins, and minerals are alive and have not been diminished by, delivering a strong phytonutrient punch. ACKfresh is offering 1 and 3 day cleanses all through September and October – cleanses need to be ordered on Sundays and are available for pickup on Wednesdays. Yours truly will be doing a CLEANSE CLASS every Wednesday morning through October at ACKfresh HQ 31 Easy Street at 8am so you can get your first juice of the day going and get info and support. If you can’t commit to 3 days or even a whole day – don’t worry. The black lemonade with activated charcoal is a daily detox in a bottle – one a day for two weeks and your gut will thank you.


Do you keep a journal? Are you creating the life you want? Try this exercise – journal for 10 minutes every morning. Writing about our dreams and worries can both soothe anxiety and create abundance.

Ever made a vision board? It’s like an art project for grownups – spend an hour this week with some scissors, glue, and a large piece of paper. Collect your old magazines, cards, and other sources of imagery and create a collage of your dreams. What do you want to accomplish by the end of the year? In 2018? In 5 years? This collage is personal to you, there is no wrong way to do it.

Want to write more? TRY THIS. A friend suggested this to me and it’s a great prompt to Write. Every. Day.
On ACK there are a few writers groups you can join, check the schedule at the Nantucket Athenaeum for details.
If you have never read the Paulo Coelho’s book, The Alchemist, it’s a great way to feed the mind and spirit.


The mind and spirit are interwoven and you can mix these suggestions together and be your own alchemist. That said, I have developed a fascination with Palo Santo wood and crystals.

Palo Santo is a mystical tree that grows on the coast of South America and is related to Frankincense, Myrrh and Copal. In Spanish, the name literally means “Holy Wood”. It is part of the citrus family and has sweet notes of pine, mint and lemon.
Palo Santo wood, when you burn it in your space attracts the good energy – the complimentary practice to burning sage which rids your space of negative or blocking energy. You can grab a little bunch of the magical wood at Sweet Liddle, light some in your home and fall in love with the unique scent.

This summer next to my bed was a big book about healing crystals and how to use them, Elemental Energy by Kristin Petrovich, I tried to learn and read about this up and coming healing trend. Crystals are connected to different body parts, or chakras, and can help to heal or nourish the parts of us that are out of balance. For example, rose quartz, which is one of the crystals associated with the heart, can help heal a sad or heavy heart if held while meditating or placed next to your bed. All gemstones have healing qualities and give off specific energy, in the wellness world massage therapists and estheticians have been using them for years.

Meditation – this month try something new, contemplation. It’s a great gateway to mediation and can be less intimidating for folks who are worried they can’t meditate. I found a great little book by Pema Chodron, The Compassion Book. The instructions are to flip to any page and read the “Lojong Slogan” and then read the commentary on the slogan and try to live by the meaning of that slogan for the rest of the day. Simple, easy, and mindful. Use these suggestions this month to create space for taking care of yourself. Nantucket has so many self-care resources to offer including classes, wellness providers, and inspiration. Sometimes all you need is the sunset view at Cisco beach to bring you back to what’s important.

Join Miss blACKbook and our guest blogger JOANNA ROCHE for a special SELF CARE SATURDAY on September 30th at Happy Place! Enjoy taking time and getting tips for meditation, juicing, vision boards, manifestations and more! Sign up is below.



JOANNA ROCHE is a wellness expert, spa consultant, and brand strategist. Her mission is to inspire wellness as a personal and business practice. With more than twenty-five years of experience in management, marketing and operations for spa and hospitality companies globally, she is a leader and frequent speaker on the evolution of fitness and spa to wellness. Find her this summer at The Nantucket Culinary Center offering a series of lectures on Creating Wellness and at www.joannaandco.com, Listen to BalancingACK on WNCK 89.5 Nantucket’s Public Radio or follow her on Instagram @januaryjo for a dose of inspiration and the adventures of her tribe. Click below for her website!

cover photo by Ryan Midgett