Have you stood on one of these floors…
and if you have, did you look down?
Now that you’ve seen a taste of their work… we’re thrilled to reintroduce you to our friends at EAST WOOD and the people behind these epic flooring collaborations! We’ve got the five steps to flooring success as well as a special tour in their new showroom below.

Lights, Floors, Showroom!

East Wood floors reflect timelessness through their textures, colors and the emotional response that it evokes from their clients.  This spring, the team at East Wood opened their experiential showroom at 5 Sparks Avenue and it’s truly transforming the way we look and experience flooring.
We love how the team at East Wood walks you through the process to compare and contrast flooring options in such a beautiful and approachable way.

Transform your home from the ground up!

East Wood’s custom products and services are by no means limited to just flooring, they’re proficient in beams, siding, cabinets, patterned floors, and even walls and ceilings. With wood sourced from around the world, straight from the forest to your floor, their stock boasts a vast range of materials like Ming Dynasty Elm, reclaimed French Oak, and recovered timbers from the USS constitution. As if the seemingly endless types of wood isn’t impressive enough, East Wood can even custom create the flooring hue of your dreams! Check out East Wood in a variety of beautiful custom homes below.

The 5 pillars of flooring success

Having been in business for over two decades, East Wood’s skilled staff is experienced and well versed in all things flooring. Throughout its history, East Wood has developed long lasting relationships with vendors, contractors, architects, and designers that are renowned for their exceptional work. Here’s the groundwork for the East Wood experience:
1. VISION: Custom flooring is essential to everyone’s vision of their dream home. Visit East Wood’s showroom and explore the endless possibilities they offer, all tailored to your personal tastes.
2. COMMUNICATION: East Wood prides itself in delivering a seamless wood flooring experience. They specialize in maintaining constant communication between clients, builders and designers.
3. CRAFTSMANSHIP: Attention to detail is their forte, and it doesn’t stop at hardwood flooring. East Wood’s artisans offer craftsmanship services that include staircases, wall paneling, ceiling beams, and other millwork.
4. EXECUTION: While their showroom may be new, their company is long established. East Wood brings more than two decades of luxury flooring experience to Nantucket, and guarantees a beautiful and timeless result.
5. SUSTAINABILITY: In today’s world we must be aware that natural resources are limited. East Wood’s manufacturing process honors the strictest environmental requirements. As they shared with us, “design that is created to endure over time must not interfere with nature and human life.”


Interested in making East Wood part of your next building experience? Ready to refurbish your floors? Or just want to experience this incredible showroom in person? Pop by 5 Sparks Ave or contact our friends at East Wood by emailing chris@eastwoodflooring.com or calling 508-228-3060