The Island Ladies Of Crane & Lion

As 2017 season winds down, the need for comfortable yet stylish athleisure-wear ramps up. The approach of the off-season means more time to dedicate to self-care, mindfulness, exercise, and all the things that got pushed aside during the crazy summer months. That is where Crane & Lion comes in!

If you’ve been searching for that perfect pair of leggings, or a sweater that will take you from yoga to the remainder of the day (and night)’s activities, search no more. Crane & Lion has quickly become our go-to for these necessities and more. Fall fitness just got a heck of alot more fashionable out here on this little island, and the coziness factor is at an all time high. Between the dreamy hues and soft cashmeres, you simply cannot go wrong. Take it from our four local ambassadors, this is not a brand you want to overlook!

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Evie O’Connor

OCCUPATION: Yoga Teacher, Therapeutic Mentor and Community Support Provider at Fairwind’s Counseling Center.

YEARS ON NANTUCKET: Born and raised here, and living here in my adult life for the last 4 years.

FAVORITE PLACE ON NANTUCKET TO UNWIND: I’ve currently been digging wandering my way through all the trails around Shakemo Hills and the Moors.

FAVORITE CREATIVE OUTLET: I love to write, especially lately I have been working on writing a series of affirmations (a positive, inspired declaration or life-affirming statement) for shifting out of lower vibration fear-based thoughts and into the higher vibration love-based thoughts.

FAVORITE CRANE & LION PIECE: high-waisted tight 100%! 

WHAT BEING A CRANE & LION AMBASSADOR MEANS TO EVIE: To me this role is about advocating for a culture of inclusive and intuitive wellness in my community. This movement is less about paying attention to what everyone else is doing and more about tuning into your own methodology for feeling your best through creating your own custom recipe of movement, nutrition, relaxation and mindfulness practices. What I love about this company is the emphasis on building community through creating opportunities to learn about wellness. What I love about the clothing itself that it is versatile and appropriate for a wide range of movement practices: yoga, walking, running, mediation, kick-boxing, lounging. Whatever my body is feeling that day, I love wearing these cozy, luxurious athleisure pieces to use movement as medicine for keeping my body and mind healthy and balanced.



Meg Rohrer

OCCUPATION: Founder + Director of Supta Yoga Nantucket

YEARS ON NANTUCKET: Off and on for my entire life



FAVORITE CRANE & LION PIECE: Peacoat High Waisted Tights

WHAT BEING A CRANE & LION AMBASSADOR MEANS TO MEG: It feels great to expand within community outside of the studio.




OCCUPATION: Yoga Instructor



FAVORITE CREATIVE OUTLET:  Photography and movement, like dance or vinyasa yoga

FAVORITE CRANE & LION PIECE: I love the C & L high waisted shorts!

WHAT BEING A CRANE & LION AMBASSADOR MEANS TO SHANNON: To me, it’s getting to work alongside a group of inspiring, creative women in comfortable and unique movement apparel. 



Ieva Aldins

OCCUPATION: Yoga instructor & Sommelier

YEARS ON NANTUCKET: I first came to Nantucket in 1998 and have come back intermittently till 2009 when I made it my home base.

FAVORITE PLACE TO UNWIND: the beach, my exact favorite spot is a secret 😉

FAVORITE CREATIVE OUTLET: writing and traveling. I consider my lifestyle pretty creative.

FAVORITE CRANE & LION PIECE: I absolutely love the lightweight capri tights. They feel like a silky second skin. So comfortable! (I own 3 pairs)

WHAT BEING A CRANE & LION AMBASSADOR MEANS TO IEVA: Being a Crane & Lion Ambassador means I get to be a part of the larger yoga community on Nantucket. We teach weekly classes in the summer at the Harborview Hotel on a donation basis and give all the profit to A Safe Place. Crane & Lion Founder John Udelson is very community orientated. I also get tons of compliments on my C&L wear from my students – which is always nice!

ig@ yogawithieva


As active people, we want our wardrobes to transition with us throughout any kind of day. Some days we push our limits and other days, we can all admit, we need to recover. Crane & Lion, an athletic/leisure wear brand based in Boston, offers versatile pieces for every woman’s closet, to transition seamlessly from a morning workout to dinner with friends. This chic collection pulls inspiration from both the fashion and fitness worlds and each piece is designed for optimal movement, comfort and support. With subtle, on-trend color palettes, flattering cuts and mindful fabric – these clothes inspire us to be the best version of ourselves! #CRANEandLION


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