People just go loco for lobster. It’s the filet mignon of the sea. You can have lobster in so many different ways and cooking lobster yourself is certainly a blast, but sometimes you just don’t feel like dunking a living creature into boiling hot water. Nantucket is the place to fulfill your lobster fix in every way imaginable. blACKbook’s #littlemissblACKbook and #MANtucket have teamed up to embark on a grueling and oh so tasking “Claw Crawl”. We bring you in town, out of town and back again on the search for all things lobster. Strap on your bibs ladies and gents.

NOTE: we do not recommend attempting the “Claw Crawl” in one afternoon due to the risk of a Lobster Coma.

1. Plain & Simple: Steamed, crACKed, & Ready to Go from Sayles Seafood

Don’t be stingy, go for the 1 ¾ lb, heck go for 2lbs. You deserve it. Why do Pizza take out when you can do lobster? Sayles Seafood does an amazing job with their fresh, steamed and cracked lobsters. Just line the table with old Stop n’ Shop bag, bowls of melted butter, and pick away. It’s certainly a great excuse to get out of cooking.

2. Lunch & Roll: Daytime Lobster Roll at the Club Car

Club Car may be known for its elegant nighttime dining and rowdy bar scene piano playing, but in season, this place has a daytime secret. In my opinion, Club Car has the best lobster roll on island. Period. Serving a very casual lunch with chowder and simple sandwiches, the lobster roll is a hidden gem. It’s a fork and knife type lobster roll with borderline obnoxious pieces of lobster. We’re talking chunks here. Served on a large roll with lettuce, this thing is a sight to behold. The Club Car offers a great place to get out of the sun for a hot minute and the lobster roll will have you making excuses for shade every time you walk by.

3. Quick & Picnic: Chilled Lobster Roll from Straight Wharf Fish Store

This one comes from my boy Walter at the Straight Wharf Fish store. This thing is a missile. With a large, long toasted roll mixed with a delicious cold lobster salad, this lobster roll cannot be overlooked. Don’t be afraid to enjoy this roll with a view as picnic tables are on top of the harbor just outside of the store. Perfect lobster salad to go along with harbor views and an ocean breeze will put you in lobster heaven.

4. Warm & Cozy: Lobster Bisque with Dill Crust from The SeaGrille

The weather is changing and we’re welcoming the cooler, calmer days of sweet September. With cooler weather, comes comfort food season. Bye bikinis, we won’t miss ya! Hello to our old friends creamy, buttery, flaky. Sea Grille serves up a fantastic Lobster Bisque, served with a pot pie style with a dill puff pastry crust. Lobster alone is amazing, lobster bisque is even better, but add puff pastry and you have seriously turned it up a notch. This bisque will have you slurping like no one’s watching.

5. Fluffy & Flavorful: Sweet Corn & Lobster Arancini from Station 21

Thanks to a little Food Network knowledge from Giada De Laurentiis, we actually knew how to pronounce this Italian treat. Arancini are crafted by rolling cooled risotto into balls, stuffing them with a ragu mixture, breading and frying them until golden brown. Station 21 brings you this Italian specialty with a New England twist. The tomato sauce adds the perfect sweet and tart balance to the dish. The balls are deliciously decadent, creamy yet crunchy. With a slight sweetness from the corn and the chunks of fresh lobster, you’ll be left dancing in your seat.

6. Fun & Fancy: Salt & Pepper Wok Fried Lobster from the pearl

#MANtucket says… There are rare occasions when food is so good that I literally start lightly dancing, but every time I have gotten this dish it has caused me to do a little jig. The asian-inspired menu at Pearl is certainly never lacking for creativity, but the way they do lobster is the envy of any lobster connoisseur. The light breading and crisp of the lobster is maybe the best way I’ve ever had lobster. It’s fried perfectly every time. This dish works so well together and is a must have if you love lobster.

7. Hot & Buttered: Lobster Roll from Grey Lady

What’s better than a lobster roll? A lobster roll served warm and buttered. As Paula Dean believes, butter makes everything better. It completely transforms from the lobster roll from a day to night look. Its served on a golden brown toasted bun with the heaping pile of warm buttered lobster just tumbling over the edges. No funny business here, the lobster absolutely sings. Yum in my tum.

8. Lobster Cocktail From CRU

#littlemissblACKbook says…. Everyone loves a good cocktail on island. Everyone reading also clearly loves lobster if you’ve gotten this far. So when you’re at one of the chicest restaurants on island, with a beautiful view and ice cold drinks, its only natural to get your lobster on too. CRU’s raw bar aficionado, Rocco, serves up a glass of lobster, neat. So order up a little lobster cocktail, a fantastic glass of fresh meaty chunks of raw lobster, marinated in perserved lemon juice and fennel. Lobster with a view is just about as good as it gets. (Photo by Wayne Chinock)