blACKbook HARBORVIEW Nantucket STAYcation!

Our blACKbook team loves that feeling of island time… so early every season, we do STAYcation with our friends at Harborview Nantucket to savor that true essence of a Nantucket vacation and bond about why we love living on Nantucket. And this year, we had the whole gang down at MAINSAIL… a three bedroom downtown cottage that comes with all the luxury of a home rental, and all the amenities of a downtown hotel! Check out what our team had to say about their favorite part of the blACKbook Harborview Nantucket STAYcation.

Miss blACKbook Intern … Claire


CLAIRE SAYS… “When my family first started coming to Nantucket we used to stay in a little house “Harbor Watch” on Washington Street. If the house was still standing it would have been only steps away from Harborview Nantucket, making this staycation especially exciting and personal for me. The experience was nothing less than my highest expectations. I could talk for hours about the beautiful setting, location, and bungalows, but I really just want to take time to talk about the shower.

looms 2

It now has become a blACKbook joke as to how much I genuinely enjoyed showering during our staycation due to the most amazing water pressure ever, water jets for your back, and incredible bath products from Nantucket Looms. You might think I’m exaggerating but I showered three times in less than 24 hours and I deeply regret not squeezing in a fourth. But aside from the incomparable showers, the true gem of Harborview Nantucket is the incorporation of classic Nantucket in a modern way. Having spent so much time in an old-school island cottage in that same location, I appreciated their ability to create such a personal, homey, and authentic experience in something brand new. So I may never get a chance to stay in “Harbor Watch” again, but I will gladly replicate the genuine island charm with a stay at Harborview Nantucket any time.”

MANtucket blACKbook … Charlie

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CHARLIE SAYS… “My God, I love a staycation. Getting the opportunity to stay at Harborview Nantucket is a novelty I just don’t get tired of. Trading in my sheetless sand filled campsite I call a bedroom to lay my head in the king’s quarters was the highlight of my month. I didn’t count a freaking sheep. Waking up starfish in that bed of clouds was simply special. I just felt fresh after that REM cycle.


I needed all the sleep I could get as my friend Jon Baerry from Next Level Watersports took me for my first kite surfing experience. One of the perks of staying at Harborview Nantucket is you can directly connect with Next Level Watersports to book your kite surfing lesson and they’ll pick you up right at their private beach! Jon was an excellent instructor with the perfect swag for his craft. Safety comes first as a strong gust from the grey lady can send you to tim buck to. The art of kite surfing is no easy task, but with some patience the reward can be life changing. For all the skiers out there, Jon says its like having every day be a powder day. “Kite surfing is the future and the future is now.”

Miss blACKbook’s Assistant … Erin


ERIN SAYS… “My first impression of this hidden gem was the immediate support that came from the concierge team, particularly Allison. Working in the hospitality industry for eleven years, I know that it takes a team to create any successful business and when it is run by genuinely kind hearted people, it makes for a memorable experience. A big bonus in my book is that this luxurious spot is tucked in its own cozy corner of the Nantucket Harbor. There is a scenic wooden path surrounded by aromatic flowers that leads to a private sandy beach.


Although this beach is perfect for yoga or meditating in the morning, it is even better for the variety of activities that the hotel has to offer throughout the day. There is access to fish, kayak, paddleboard or sail with their Sun Fish sailboat! I am so thankful for having the opportunity to experience this little oasis of peace and rejuvenation.”

Miss blACKbook Intern … Emily


EMILY SAYS.. “Not going to lie, when we rolled up to the Harborview Nantucket, I didn’t think the night could get better. Amazing rooms, a bottle of wine, and my blACKbook fam- I thought it was too good to be true. However, like many instances in my life, I was wrong. It got SO much better when our amazing Harborview Nantucket hosts introduced us to the jewelry designer ASHA. When I say these products are life changing, I mean it. I couldn’t have said “TAKE MY MONEY” fast enough.


Holly had to literally pry the wrap bracelet off my wrist before we had left for dinner and I would be lying if I didn’t tell you that tears were shed when I had to part with my newfound lover. ASHA has several pieces that all showcase our happy place at the forefront embossed on a gorgeous mother of pearl background. Everyone was lusting after a different item, from pendants to rings to bracelets, this stuff is MOVING… like, inspirational. Thankfully, I shan’t be parted from my beloved bracelet for long, because Harborview Nantucket is going to be hosting an ASHA trunk show July 13 to the 15 with an opening party with blACKbook on that Wednesday! Personally, I will be waiting with bated breath until then.”

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Miss blACKbook … Holly


MISS blACKbook says… “I have savored the stay and play at Harborview Nantucket over the past few years”… From summer family vacations with #AVAonACK to Entrepreneur Escapes during winter to romantic weekends for two in the fall… Let’s just say, Harborview Nantucket is a blACKbook favorite for every season. Getting to vaca right in the heart of downtown and walk to my favorite restaurants and then to sleep like a baby and awake to a gorgeous sunrise over the Atlantic makes this one of the most desirable locations to rest and rejuvenate on island.


We spent the evening soaking in a complimentary bottle of Nantucket Vineyard Cranberry Pinot Gris, walked to have dinner with MANtucket at the bar at TOWN and finished with our girls night in of catching up on the evening in our luxurious living room. Three bedrooms and three full bathrooms made for the ideal way for 5 of us to stay in this 3 bedroom cottage… (clearly Claire needed her own shower!) And like we’ve said before… the only bad part about Harborview Nantucket? Is checking out… Because who wants to leave that view?!”


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