One of my (many) favorite parts about Nantucket is how many incredible ways there are to explore and enjoy this stunning island. And when it comes to exercise, the opportunities are more experiential than ever! Here with our latest HOT LIST, we’ve got the freshest seven ways to get ACKtive on the rock. Get ready to get fit and get inspired.


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Searching for the freshest workout on the sand this summer? Our friends at Go Figure are bringing bACK their Beach Barre Bus! Beginning in June, this workout will make its way bACK to Nobadeer and you can catch this mobile barre fitness experience seaside (they’ve added classes!) or even rent the bus for private events in your own backyard. So if you’re trying to get some Vitamin D with your daily fitness routine, I promise this gives you the best of both worlds. (Not to mention killer definition in your gams!) Click for Barre Bus Details.


Nantucket disc golf
Looking for an activity that’s FREE, gives you fresh air and is fun for the whole family? We got you covered with the Nantucket Disc Golf Course! This special space, located in the State Forest, provides a recreational opportunity for disc golfers and the community at large. So disc golf… what is it? Well disc golf is similar to ball golf (you want to get the fewest strokes possible) but instead of balls, clubs and holes, it’s discs and baskets. How do you play? First, go purchase your disc at the Sunken Ship, then head over to the course. The sport itself has a steep learning curve, so in just hours after practicing, you’ll be two or three times better! The course is not just for players, but also great for walkers, as it is more than a disc golf course, but a park with an 18 hole walking path. You can bring the kids, the dogs and stroll the course and it’s a beautiful way to enjoy the island. Love their motto: Always open, always free.


Nantucket walkabout
Peter Brace was always told that since he knew the island so well, he should give tours. And after writing two books about Nantucket’s natural history, it was only natural for him take his love for strolling the island and create Nantucket Walkabout. These 60 minute and 90 minute guided hikes give walkers a different experience and are a great way to see the islands habitat. Peter says many of his walkers have been coming to the island for thirty years, but never knew these paths existed! From sunsets hikes to Shakemo Hills and Polpis Harbor to curated hikes out to Smooth Hummocks and Gardener Farm, these Nantucket Walkabout Tours give tourists and locals a new set of eyes on their favorite little island. Take note: Peter offers the gamut of Walkabout experiences with options for private hikes, group hikes, corporate retreats, wedding parties and even has a special price for student hikes! Click for full website


Nantucket Bike Tours
Nantucket storytelling on two wheels? That’s what you get when you hang with the Nantucket Bike Tours crew! Learn the lore, pop culture and history of the magical little island of Nantucket all by bike with your friendly guides. You’ll cover more ground than walking and get more fresh air than on a bus… and the tours are leisurely paced for all ages and strength levels so you’ll be moving, getting some exercise and having fun! I’ve always been a fan of what Nantucket power couple Jason and Courtney Bridges have been able to create with NBT and whether you’re a group of two or twenty, these guys really know the ins and outs of the island by bike!  And yes, on Fridays they wear Nantucket Reds from Murray’s Toggery Shop! Looking sharp guys! Click to book your tour


Now here’s a yoga experience like no other! Our beautiful friends at Dharma Yoga offer an amazing way to get your OM on with Unnata® Aerial Yoga classes! Here you’ll be able to relax and realign your body, center your mind and uplift your spirit in supportive silk hammocks. Let go of gravity and deepen your practice with this one of a kind yoga practice. BONUS: No previous experience is required for this dreamy practice, just a willingness to relax, release tension and stress, and let go. YES PLEASE. Classes begin in late June and go through October. Make sure that Restorative Aerial Yoga is on your radar… I took the class last September and have been dreaming about the zen I felt all winter! See Full Dharma Schedule Here


ACK surf
ACK SURF SCHOOL is more than just catching waves, it’s about creating personal relationships. We love how founder Gaven Nortan wants to know everything about his surf students. “I want them to have an amazing experience,” he told blACKbook. “I want our students to get out of that cool water with a warm feeling like they really are a Nantucket surfer!” So if you’re in the mood to hang ten on the beaches of Nobadeer, then this is an activity that is fun for all ages. From little kids that come back year after year to adults getting up on a board for the first time, this is a Nantucket nautical experience like none other. “When you come to Nantucket and you get a surf lesson, you’re getting more than just a workout, you’re making a new friend,” Gaven said. And it’s these connections that make him and his crew smile year after year. (Hey, and with an office like the one above, we’re not surprised it never feels like work)  ACK SURF SCHOOL opens bACK up in late may and starts at $50 for a group lesson and $70 for a private. Want to get your lessons in the books now? Email Gaven at


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Now this is REEL fun for everyone! Say hello to The Absolute crew who offer Sports Fishing at its finest… The Absolute boat has the size and the power to get in the big waters, so you can really fish where the fish are as opposed to just go with where your vessel will take you. Reeling in five Blues is workout, (trust me… see photo above!) and Captain Brian “Boomie” Borgeson has has his sports fishing business on ACK for 15 years. He offers charters for all group sizes from a couple to a big corporate retreat to multiple families and staff parties. He’s been a favorite of the restaurant industry for years And what’s the catch when it comes to getting the reel Nantucket fishing experience? “We get to start 20 miles off shore, which makes it such a difference when it comes to sports fishing,” he told us. So if you’re ready to laugh and catch some fish while you catch a buzz, then The Absolute fishing trip is a must in our blACKbook. Email to reserve your summer fishing trip!


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