HAPPY + healthy 2016!

It’s a new year… so get your HAPPY on! Our health and wellness blogger, Sara Boyce, has five steps that will help you create a healthy mind, body, and spirit for 2016!


H is for HAPPY … and HEALTHY.

Getting HEALTHY = HAPPY. On all fronts: Body, Mind, and Spirit. It’s that time of year again. One more revolution around the calendar and we are firm in our beginning of the New Year Resolutions. Get Fit. Be Healthy. But there’s more. Let’s remember to nurture Mind and Spirit while we get healthy in the Body. Perhaps committing to Let Go of Gossip, Create a Disciplined Schedule, Limit Social Media and instead Connect Directly with People!

A is for… ATTITUDE

Psst: And you can always do this if you have the right ATTITUDE.

We’ve just come through the 6-week Holiday marathon of events, relatives, large gatherings and expectations (oh the expectations…) which then leads us straight into the hibernation part of the year. ATTITUDE is a matter of INTENTION. YOU have the power to choose a positive ATTITUDE. Our thoughts determine our experiences and what we bring into our lives.


Our goal is to be Healthy & Happy, remember? ‘Tis the Season for More. More meat loaf, more dinner parties, more nights in front of the fireplace, extra cocktails and heavy meals. Make sure to also include MORE Me Time.

P is for… PREVENT Hunger and Exhaustion

PREVENT Hunger so you don’t (still?) look like Santa at the end of winter. Fuel your body. Have a Protein Drink or an Apple mid-afternoon. Drink lots of water. If you go to the winter line up of dinner parties (particularly on Nantucket), have a handful of veggies from the veggie platter before hitting the cheese plate. Rotate in a glass of water between cocktails. If you want to be very clear, decide in advance how many appetizers you will sample. PREVENT Exhaustion. Take the naps you need (even for a short rest). Winter is restorative, after all. Make sure to exercise (even if just for a quick walk). Dust off the exercise bike in the basement. Get to a Yoga Class or do a self practice. Take some quiet time to reflect on the true meaning of the New Year (even if you have to get up 15 minutes before the others).

Y is for… YOLO.

You Only Live Once. There is only one 2016. Let’s make the most of it. Go into it with a positive intention and preparation. Do what makes you HAPPY. Take steps to stay Healthy and Grounded to reap the most of the year.

meet our blogger!

 Sara Boyce, MBA, MPH brings her creative vision and personalized attention to each client.  With a 24-year career in marketing, her approach is strategic, collaborative, and effective. Coincidentally, she has also spent the last 24 years without flour and sugar and coaches people who want to transform their bodies and live a healthy lifestyle. A long-time Nantucket resident, Sara eats clean and healthy, but rarely turns down a glass of good wine or the occasional cream sauce. She has a crazy belief that a life that prioritizes beauty, health, and wellness is actually A Delicious Lifestyle and has a blog to prove it!  Email her at Sara@SaraBoyce.com

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