7 Things To Note About The Nantucket Meat & Fish Market

There’s been a slew of new on island in 2017… and one of the serious highlights has been the Nantucket Meat & Fish Market! This building on 21 Old South Road is now home to an extensive selection of proteins and seafood and also brought to ACK a new deli counter, gourmet grocer, coffee spot and more! Here blACKbook has the seven things to note about this marvelous market on the rock.

1. Family Owned & Operated

What began as a pair of speciality markets in Vermont, evolved into a third location in the Vineyard and now the Nantucket market makes it the fourth business for owner/operators Sean & Erin Ready! It takes a family to make these beautiful markets run and when we sat down with Sean and Erin Ready, they stressed that it is  their team that has truly made this summer a success. Three couples in particular came to form the Nantucket team. You’ll find Sean’s father and co-owner John Ready and his partner Lisa Guinan helping in every part of the market, Ken and Julie Cartularo who are former restaurant owners are now running the cafe and kitchen, and Bob and Marge Pillion, past butcher shop owners who know the business like no one else.

2. The Bagels + That Deli

One of our favorite parts about this new market is the cafe and deli space that has been created. For those looking for the ultimate bagels on ACK… you’re in luck! The team at  Nantucket Meat & Fish Market hand makes the dough daily and bakes the bagels fresh every morning.

And if you’re in need of a place to rest and relax and fuel up, you can grab breakfast or lunch and  coffee head to the deli corner to sit and relax! BONUS; They offer all the Starbucks coffee and speciality drinks in store!

3. The Meat

It’s all about the protein in this stunning new market. And all grades and even some elevated options is what you’ll find with the meat section at NM&F. From kobe beef to house steak tips, marinated cuts of beef to terrariki chicken, these guys are making it easier than ever to grill and chill! (Be sure to check out their burger selection–  It’s been a serious fan favorite all season!)

4. The Fish

The Ready’s pride themselves on sourcing as much local and regional seafood as they can. From salmon to halibut to cod, you’ll be able to find the freshest fish out there on Old South Road. Currently we’re craving their lemon pepper shrimp and the cilantro lime scallops. They’ve taken the work out of prepping these fish and marinated your seafoods (and kabobs!) so you can have all that delicious food without all the prep! (i.e. more time at the beach!)

5. The Sushi

The talk of the rock this summer has been that super fresh sushi case at Nantucket Meat & Fish! And master roller Michael Sun has moved from MV to ACK with his family and quickly become a mid day favorite for his raw fish meals. And why, you make ask? Because  his sushi isfresh to order and with this brand new case, even the prepped fish is super cold and ready to roll. Take Note! For those in search of some party platters, Michael and his team can create beautiful spreads for custom orders so you can have all that savory sushi without any of the work!

6. The Special Orders

Speaking of special orders, one of the many highlights of having this new Meat & Fish Market on island is the ability for their team to work with chefs and kitchen managers for provisioning prepared foods and creating meals. For those searching to curate dinner parties or in need of a grocery list filled, this expansive market and their lovely staff can help you out with all orders… and if they don’t have it, they can source it special, too!

7. The Add-Ons

And this full service market isn’t just for that fish and meat… it’s got a little bit of everything so you can get a full shop in while you’re at this gourmet grocer! Throughout the aisles,you’ll find fresh flowers, everything you need for table settings, appetizer platters, cheese, crackers, charcuterie, produce, sauces and more. You can truly purchase everything you need for hearty breakfasts, beachside picnics,  and elaborate dinner parties right here. BONUS: we hear this amazing market will be open through the end of the year… so you still have plenty of time to get in you’ll discover this incredible new addition to Nantucket!

 Nantucket Meat & Fish Market Website

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