24 Reasons Why Nantucket Is Our Happy Place

In need of a digital dose of the Grey Lady? We’ve got 24 reasons why Nantucket is our Happy Place… as told to you through some of our favorite instagrams! (DISCLAIMER… prepare to be homesick for the 02554!)

1. Nantucket Is Our Happy Place…

because it’s so magical that ferries have to take you there.
Say hello to the newest fast ferry in the Hy-Line Cruises which launched this August. photo by @nantucketblACKbook

2. Nantucket Is Our Happy Place…

because it’s got nice beer… if you can get it.
Yes, nothing says summer on Nantucket like a cold one from Cisco Brewers. And we gotta give a shout to @TuckerBlair for this amazing insta shot that instantly takes us bACK to ACK.

3. Nantucket Is Our Happy Place…

because Nantucket is for lovers.
Nothing like an engagement photo session in one of the most stunning places in the world. Such a fan of this gorgeous capture from @MackenzieHoran

4. Nantucket Is Our Happy Place…

because a bike is often all you need.
Yes… Nantucket by bike is quite magical. And you can even get a personal cycling tour from Nantucket Bike Tours. This cruiser capture from @amy_stone made us want to cruise down Milestone.

5. Nantucket Is Our Happy Place…

… because you can easily switch the bike up for a board.
One of our favorite ‘grammers @laurenswells always knows how to make us want to get outside and explore. Gotta love that Harborview Nantucket comes with its own private beach access and stand up paddle boards!

6. Nantucket Is Our Happy Place…

because it’s pet friendly and your pup gets to love Nantucket just as much as you do.
Our gal pal @abbycapalbo savors a morning in Sconset with her dog on the Bluff Walk… one of our favorite strolls in all of the 02564

7. Nantucket Is Our Happy Place…

because the red, white and ocean blues have never looked better.
Dat Drone View Tho… @yellowproductions gets three gold stars for capturing Sankaty, Sankaty Golf Course and the endless Atlantic all in one shot.

8. Nantucket Is Our Happy Place…

because of the wonder of the wharf.
Of course the only thing more delightful than the clambake at @straightwharf is this view you get sitting on the Straight Wharf Restaurant deck.

9. Nantucket Is Our Happy Place…

because sometimes the best great thinking is done in the solitude of Great Point.
The incredible island photographer @caryhazlegrove has a picture perfect moment with this Great Point Gem. So grateful for The Trustees for preserving this slice of heaven.

10. Nantucket Is Our Happy Place…

because the homes can somehow grow gardens on them…
Yep… This exists. Love this floral favorite from @zofiaphoto
One of the most magical homes in all the world. Much love to @theguerrillagardeners for this one.

11. Nantucket Is Our Happy Place…

because the dining scene and the food is some of the best in the world
Yep… there’s no party like a pearl garden party… always so grateful for the dining scene on ACK! Love this delicious shot from @pearlnantucket

12. Nantucket Is Our Happy Place…

because the island kicks off spring in the most fabulous of floral ways.
Antique autos on Main Street… Daffodils for Days along Milestone… and a Sconset tailgate that would have the royal family jealous. Yes, say hello to Daffodil Festival and a favorite photo of the parade from @tracyb520

13. Nantucket Is Our Happy Place…

because it finishes the year with a holiday spectACKular that looks like a Norman Rockwell painting come to life.
No better way to ring in the holidays than the Christmas Stroll on ACK which BTW is December 2nd to the 4th this year! Beauty shot of a calm Main Street morning from our guy @timehrenberg

14. Nantucket Is Our Happy Place…

because we celebrate the 4th of July with as much patriotic pride as possible.
From the fireworks along the harbor, to the influx of red white and blue outfits, to the flags all around waving from sea to shining sea… and of course… some of the best seats in the house with @galleybeach as seen here… there’s no better place to get in the 4th fashion and spirit than celebrating USA on ACK!

15. Nantucket Is Our Happy Place…

because there is always a reason for a toast or two.
That CRU view is pretty #shuckingamazing… and @eatdrinkdishrepeat has a little magic martini moment right here!

16. Nantucket Is Our Happy Place…

because there’s always a bloody good reason for  lobster in your libations!
Now there’s a meal in a glass! Say hello to the lobster bloody mary found at the Brant Point Grill at the White Elephant. One of our favorite sip shots from @beauandro

17. Nantucket Is Our Happy Place…

because for those who love the other kind of bar… Juice Bar really takes Nantucket Happiness to new levels.
Juice Bar. Two of the happiest words we know. This shot from @courto19 always gets our tastebuds going!

18. Nantucket Is Our Happy Place…

because this is what you mean when you say a night at the Summer House.
There’s no such thing as a bad day on the Grey Lady… and those Nantucket nights sure know how to impress! Hello from a mid summer house night dream from @nantucketblACKbook

19. Nantucket Is Our Happy Place…

because when it comes to sailing, no one does it better (or at least more beautifully!)
This @townpool favorite from the Rainbow Fleet is literally picture perfect.

20. Nantucket Is Our Happy Place…

because you often can’t distinguish a picture from a painting!
Seriously tho… sometimes the days are just so unreal that you can’t tell a insta post from a painting! FYI… we’re crazy about the wave photos from @laurenjmarttila

21. Nantucket Is Our Happy Place…

because this is the happiest little Christmas sight we know.
Boat Christmas Tree… Boat Christmas Tree… what pleasure do you bring me! The delightful dory as captured by @_anafrances

22. Nantucket Is Our Happy Place…

because the beaches are beyond beautiful.
And there’s always a wave at Cisco to catch and the parking is always free… as seen above from @nantucket_magazine
And because you can always find a little spot of sand heaven just for you and your cruiser.
For every busy beach in the heat of August, there’s always some spots for solitude along the 82 miles of coastline on ACK… love this one from @roversofnantucket

23. Nantucket Is Our Happy Place…

because freezing time is our favorite things to do here.
One of our ACK insta favs @sarahkjp sure knows how to freeze time on the rock with love on the docks, as seen here with @kjp and their golden Bennie.

24. Nantucket Is Our Happy Place…

because there is truly no other place like it in the world.
That’s it … and that’s all. Much love for this incredible island image of our Happy Place thanks to @ashleybcoleman

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