If you’ve had the distinct pleasure of strolling along the boat basin on a warm summer evening, your eye might have been caught by the twinkling lights suspended over the patio at Straight Wharf.  While we are all too familiar with the renown reputation of their dining room, or have attended more than our fair share of Hip-Hop Sundays, we can’t get enough of the whimsical atmosphere of the bar grill at Straight Wharf restaurant.


The patio is private enough to enjoy a cozy conversation with friends and is also kid friendly, while still maintaining the chill ambiance of the boat basin.


SWR after hours is known to many as a party palace, and with so many beloved veteran bartenders- it’s easy to see why. When you’re drawn to a quality cocktail without all the crazy, the bar grill has you covered. While you can’t go wrong with a classic glass of rosé, if you happen to be up for something on the stronger side we highly suggest their signature Goombay Smash. This tropical concoction screams “liquid sunshine,” and when we say you can’t have just one – we mean it.


Ambiance and libations are certainly important aspects in your dining experience, but let’s not forget, this is all about the food.  The Straight Wharf Bar Grill has no shortage of memorable appetizers and mouthwatering entrées, so let’s get right to it.


We were graced with several starters, such as their daily special taquitos. It’s best to order double as to not scare your waiter with the speed by which you consume these little bites from heaven. They barely made it on to the table … we ate them that fast.


We were subsequently graced with some of our favorite dishes: the chilled cauliflower soup and the whipped feta and beet bruschetta.


Two starters that are sure to win over any picky eater, we were in love at first bite.


Thankfully for our final appetizer, we didn’t have to spar over portions, as the baba ghanoush is a plate to share. The traditional Levantine dish is a total crowd pleaser and hits the spot when it comes to satisfying starters.


Our entree was the always-gorgeous grilled bavette steak, served with sweet corn & green bean salad, ancho chili, and a mushroom vinaigrette. Trust us when we say that this dish will have you inducted into the clean plate club in no time – it was that good.


Everyone’s favorite part of the meal is dessert, which is why we had to try all four. If you’re a savory type of taster, you will find divine intervention in the Straight Wharf Cheese Plate. Artfully paired cheeses, spreads, fruits and crackers complement one another to bring out some serious accoutrement envy.


If youre a chocolate fiend like so many of us are, the chocolate crémeux is the route for you. Passionfruit curd, chocolate crumble, and chocolate sorbet are the makings of a happy ending to any meal if you ask me. The atlantic beach pie is a light and fresh option for those who crave the sweet and tart. Consisting of a whipped lemon filling, the pie is sure to be a hit with those who dream of lemonade on a hot summers day.


Finally, the dessert that launched a thousand ships (otherwise known as the cherry cobbler). A fist fight almost broke out for the last bite of this delicious dessert. Everyone knows that cobbler is a summer staple, and the brilliant chefs behind the magic at Straight Wharf have updated the classic with the addition of Coca-Cola ice cream and pop-rocks in place of the traditional vanilla garnish. A true masterpiece.


Whether you’re enjoying a cocktail while you catch up, a round of appetizers for a casual evening, or a full-fledged meal fit for a king- one thing is for sure; it’s hard to not smile when surrounded by such electric energy. Straight Wharf’s Bar Grill definitely earns a happy place seal of approval for it’s incredibly warm wait staff, upbeat music, fabulous food, and overall good vibes.



open nightly from 5:30pm to 9:30PM… first come, first serve (no reservations)

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