There are some seriously talented female entrepreneurs on Nantucket … and after meeting Milicent Armstrong a few years bACK, I just knew there was something really special about this designer. With a big passion for travel, an incredibly unique style and an affection for comfortable fashion, she has truly transformed the way I look at shoes and the stories our feet can tell with her amazing Artemis Design Co.

Here’s what you need to know…

Milicent started Artemis Design Co. in December of 2012 and has been selling on Nantucket for the past 3 years.

She’s really inspired by the materials that she uses,  and tries to create products that consistently fit into the description of “charming, natural, comfortable.”
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The Artemis Collection is really just a reflection of her own personal aesthetic and lifestyle.
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Milicent says… “Surrounding yourself with artful, quality products, like our Kilim Smoking Shoes, is a great way to bring art and beauty into every day lives. People always stop me and my customers on the street and say ‘oh that is so adorable, where did you get that?’ Getting feedback like that and hearing that our customers are as well is very inspirational- that’s why we like to describe our products as ‘charming’- they charm the viewers/wearers, and that is what we are striving for!”


jeans and sweater
1. The Kilim Shoes are the perfect fall conversation piece…  every shoe is one of a kind and made from woven wool kilims, so they mold to the feet perfectly… making the transition from flip-flops this September a heck of a lot easier!
2. The patterns, colors and texture of the kilim are perfect for fall as well because the color schemes are generally neutral and earth-toney with bright highlights and pops of color (just like the natural landscape of Nantucket and New England in the fall).
2. The patterns, palette and texture of the kilim are ideal for autumn because the color schemes are generally neutral and earth-toney with bright highlights and pops of color… just like the natural landscape of Nantucket and New England in the fall!
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3. And to top it all off, the texture is woven just like your favorite wool sweater, so they feel just as warm and cozy to wear and they do to look at.


 MILICENT TELLS US… how to rock the KILIM Shoe!

jeans and sweater2
MILICENT SAYS…. “My favorite way to wear my Kilim Shoes are with jeans and a sweater. It’s so cute and simple, like something you can rock every day. During fall and winter I wear them with a suede or leather skirt, a sweater and knee highs (or tights!) It’s such a fabulous preppy, back to school look. You can even wear with Kilim with a casual shift dress in a cozier, woolier material (like corduroy, suede, or sweater) which looks incredible when paired with the texture of the shoe.”

Want yours? Course you do! You can find the Kilim Shoe online HERE, and on island, you can find them exclusively at Skinny Dip Nantucket on 23 Old South Wharf … for those off island you can find them at Tuckernuck and select anthropologie stores!




 And speaking of cool instagrams… check out Milicent’s latest account @flyingcarpetshoeclub too!
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