DISCLAIMER… while MANtucket + Miss blACKbook have been known to toss a few bACK together, all opinions expressed here are solely from MANtucket’s perspective. Enjoy.

MANtucket says… We all know the feeling. Just a small glimpse of sunlight slipping into the room can make the brain bleed. Head feels like a scrambled egg. You are left crawling out of bed to the sink for lukewarm tap water like a castaway. The old brown bottle flu. The morning of the night after can be especially painful in paradise. People are so excited to drink on island they sometimes just leave their luggage in town. Generating more buzzes than a beehive, Nantucket can be a utopia of cocktails.

Trust me, I’m a man who plans for one cocktail and becomes more flammable than a can of gasoline. I’ve taken my punches on the chin from this divine punishment. Yet, don’t read this guide to morning after rejuvenation and sigh. Don’t hang your head, sport! And certainly don’t feel like this post is sponsored by sobreity.com. There is a way to return to normalcy after a Nantucket night out. This hangover helper is written from experience and developed from six years of acute observations and steep learning curves. Here’s a handful of places that help.


Big-Mac satisfaction after a big night

It’s incredible how much we simply don’t care about our diet after drinking. The day before you are training for a half-marathon, but the morning after ten beers at the BOX we’d consider drinking bacon fat. Our bodies yearn for grease. We want to be on a slip n’ slide of butter oil. TOWN and TREE BAR offer the best hangover food you can imagine. The grilled double cheeseburger with special sauce on a Portuguese muffin is the closest thing to a fancy McDonald’s big mac that exists. It’s a two hander that just gives you everything you need, but we’re not done yet. The Chicago style poutine is a unique take on one of my Canadian favorites. Crinkle-cut fries bring me back to an old school dinner and the shredded Italian beef with spicy Giardiniera provide a lighter, more easily consumable topping. This pile of french fry based heaven is the only one of its type in the middle of the Atlantic ocean. Mix in some outside air, a fantastic patio and bar to discuss how much more fun the night before was and you’re off to a solid recovery.

TAKE NOTE: Tree Bar opens for BRUNCH for the season during Memorial Day Weekend


Biking to breathe, meatloaf sandwich for wellness

First you greased it out, now you sweat it out. We’re following doctors orders! CLAUDETTE’S  is the food jewel of ‘Sconset. After a night of libations sometimes ten push-ups feels like an accomplishment. Yet, a cool breeze and a long bike ride can heal all internal wounds. When you reach the 02564 don’t hesitate for the meatloaf. I always fall into the same trap of going roast beef, but a little liquid courage is the final kick in the keister I need to go meatloaf sandwich.


Skip the bike, burgers and truffle fries equals no cries

LOLA BURGER  right off of milestone and sometimes seeing the long road to ‘Sconset with blurry eyes can seem overwhelming. Pop off for a tuna burger and truffle fries and tell the gang “I’ll catch up” and never press another pedal forward. If you’re really giving up grab the wagyu hot dog and let your worries float away. The buttery roll on this dog is simply fantastic.


Early day brew keeps the anxiety at bay

This hangover guide wouldn’t be appropriate without a little hair of the dog. Sometimes H2O, gatorades and even pedya-lyte can’t shake out the cobwebs. There is simply no other choice than going back to the poisonous well. When you spit out your coffee and get dragged to the BREWERY like a teenager to a dentist appointment, you feel worthless inside. Wait! There is music…. there is flavored vodkas…. UREKA! There is a food truck!! Slip 14 has been running a food truck out of the brewery that is simply electric. The arancini, with it’s gooey cheesy center and creamy risotto is my go-to, but the tacos are the perfect compliment to brewery beverages. A good taco is hard to find, but there is no need to look any further. I suggest matching each alcoholic beverage with a chicken taco. A 1:1 ratio will give the body plenty to absorb and keep you energized late into the night.


Cold Pressed Juice may be the only way to take the final steps to the ferry

Say you had a four day vacation, you’ve now sweated it out, greased it out, drank it out… now its time to GET OUT. Just go. Four days is falling into bender territory. Benders mend dreams into nightmares. Don’t be a cautionary tale. This type of depletion requires borderline magic. LEMON PRESS  has the cure. The Black Magic at the Lemon is a detoxifying juice that might make you skip the ferry. Activated charcoal (the most detoxifying substance on planet earth apparently) fresh squeezed lemonade, chia seeds and filtered water make-up this hangover how ya doing.


Never leave your beach chair with delivery

Swim it out. Honestly, the best way to wipe away the night before is a good ol’ fashion dip in mother ocean. Salt water is nature’s true release from an voluptuousness amount of cocktail pollution. But don’t skip a meal because you are rushing to the beach. FRESH will bring the party to you. Lunch and libation delivery to the beach makes skipping the traffic in town a no-brainer. Posting up on the beach like a big man and getting a CAPONE brought to you is the epitome of vacation. Just imagine… you’re already on the beach and you open an app, you order rose, you order multiple sandwiches, and heck, you even get some sunscreen brought to you to stay crispy. It’s real; enjoy accordingly.

Hangover shamover. This island has taken the best of em to their knees. It’s just too much damn fun. Sitting on the sidelines is a non-option. You’ll simply die from fomo. So sweat it out, drink it out, grease it out, chill out, and then get out. Proper preparation and execution is the key to tell a nasty hangover to GTFO. Follow More Of MANtuckets Adventures on Instagram @Swoops44