from Miss blACKbook: “For the past few years, I have emcee’d the Swim Across America Nantucket fundraiser on Jetties Beach… one, because it is an absolutely amazing and awe-inspiring event… and two… because it raises money for our hospital, for cancer patients and  for PASCON on island. My mother passed away from Leiomyosarcoma in 2014 and I hold all fundraisers like this near and dear to my heart. Below, MANtucket and island bartender Tim Farley have a way that we can give bACK to worthy cause with their  SWIM FOR MOMS campaign and beach fundraiser. I hope you can join us on this journey to helping raise awareness with Swim Across America.”


MANtucket says… There is always one word that continuously comes up amongst island folks: community. Islanders are tighter than the threads in your Nantucket Reds. I mean where do these people come from? They’re the best. From waitresses to barbacks, to landscapers to chefs, retailers to real estate agents and everyone else in between, there is an understanding amongst the ACK society. That pomegranate simple syrup took work. That beautiful landscape on Polpis Road left multiple men some type of sauna sweaty. The amount of time it took in the kitchen to get your fluke prepared for consumption is mind blowing. These people have formed an amazing bond that conveys the happiness that this island exudes every time the sun rises.

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That happiness in the summer turns to appreciation in the fall and joint toleration throughout the winter. We got each other’s backs out here on Nantucket. Unfortunately, bad things happen amongst the community and that’s where the friendships you form are called upon. Sadly, my great friend and former co-worker, Tim Farley lost his mother, Sara, to esophageal cancer.


You’ve probably seen Tim behind the bar at Straight Wharf, slinging Goombay Smashes to the thirsty masses. It’s a safe bet you’ve enjoyed two or three yourself. Farley is simply one of the best dudes I know. He epitomizes the Nantucket community and it is people like him that make this place truly special. His family has been an unequivocal staple amongst islanders and their positive affect on the community is impossible to go overlooked.

Tim Farley (middle) seen here with this 2015 Swim Across America “Swim For Sara” team

On August 27th Tim and friends will be swimming for moms with the Swim Across America. This event is held to “make waves” in the fight against cancer. “Funds raised by this year’s swim will be used by Nantucket Cottage Hospital to develop its oncology services and by Palliative & Supportive Care of Nantucket (PASCON) to develop a designated Cancer Support Program. Together these programs will ensure that Nantucket residents with cancer will have the best of what’s needed for their care – expert cancer treatment and excellent support services. Tim will be amongst other participants and volunteers and we are all given the opportunity to help raise money before the event. 


That’s where we are calling upon the Nantucket community. Our blACKbook Spikeball tournament was for the kids… and now our “Beach Royalty” fundraiser is for the moms.

Everybody loves moms and all money raised will be for all cancer patients and cancer research and every dollar raised stays local. Of course this fundraiser will have a Nantucket twist. As the summer season winds down our beach days are dwindling. Our livers look like well-done steaks, our tans are becoming action figure-esque and we have reached the apex of our beach game talents. There is no better way to end the summer than one last beach day for us.

Everyone amongst the Nantucket family is invited to donate for the cause by clicking the link hereAnd we also welcome you to come to Fisherman’s beach on Monday August 22nd for what is shaping up to be the beach day of the year. As for the competitive folks a $50 entry fee into the “beach royalty” competition will be directly donated to Swim Across America.

Yet, Beach Royalty doesn’t come without accolades and distinction. With incredible donations from Straight Wharf Restaurant, Town and QueeQuegs, LoLa 41, Cru, Faherty Brand, Force 5… there will be plenty to compete for. The grand prize is the exceedingly generous donation of one free night from the beautiful Harborview Nantucket which will be won in an auction at the conclusion of the Beach Royalty competition. Tickets will be sold on site. This Beach Royalty will earn you some of the island’s finest endowment.



In teams of two, people will compete in Spikeball, beach volleyball and Kan Jam. After a round robin format and each team playing two games in each respective sport there will be a final four competing for beach greatness. We expect the atmosphere to be electric and simply want people to have a good time. Every dollar makes an impact and the event is an appreciation of our community as well as an effort to aid in an amazing cause. Let’s show our support for great people and have an amazing day.


TAKE NOTE: There is no preregistration and we will register everyone the day of the event, beginning at 10:30AM on Monday, August 22nd… we look forward to seeing you at the beach!

And Make Sure The 2016 Swim Across America Nantucket fundraiser and swim is on your radar for next Saturday, August 27th. Click for full website and follow on instagram here.


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