our resident blACKbook DJ is bACK at it as Sara Farley gives us the scoop on the hottest August soundtrACK right now… see what she’s loving (and why!) below:

sara says… AHHH GUYS, IT’S FINALLY HERE! The moment the world has been waiting for! I’ve finally compiled what I feel is a quintessential follow on Spotify (I have zero bias about this) We’ve got all the regular suspects – JT, Drake, RiRi, Adele – along with some remixes of already well established favorites. TALK ABOUT COVERING YOUR BASES.

But, wait there’s more! …There are a few new flavors, spices you might not experience on the radio until 2017 (it’s just that fresh, son!) Like dat Vince Staples good good (seriously, that beat paired with lyrics like “you and me, nobody else / if it can’t be that way then I’ll just be all by myself / I love the way you stay away from me, you make me melt” it’s like the ultimate win-win) or a selection from Chance the Rapper’s newest mix tape which could possibly be the hottest thing to drop in summer 2016 – it’s that RULL, guyz.

Tell You by Pusher sounds like it was plucked from some 90’s R&B lost archives (with a sprinkle of today’s pop freshness) Brasstracks “Say U Won’t” brings the big brass realness, which I know The BOX would love (and tooooootally stalk on Facebook at like 2am and would accidentally like a photo from like 2012) if their summer headliners is anything to go by.

And my new personal fave, Boomerang by Le Youth (seriously, just try and tell me that hook ain’t D-O-P-E!)

Of course, I couldn’t leave out my boi Kanye (The Life of Pablo really does live up to the hype, NAH MEAN?) My girl BRITT BRITT is back in the game – not that she ever was out of it! And DAG NAMMIT Meghan Trainor…who cares what she’s singing about, GURRRRL knows how to give good hook. UGH I HATE HOW I CAN’T QUIT YOU MEGHAN (no, no I don’t, I love you, CALL ME)

All right, guys. Here’s to Summer 2016 – obviously, already the summer of our lives – we can only go further up from here! GO BIG AND DON’T GO HOME, NANTUCKET.

Screen Shot 2016-07-31 at 11.27.27 AM

When she’s not entertaining the masses with hip hop and Bruce Springsteen acoustic covers at both Kitty Murtagh’s and The Starlight Theater & Cafe, Sara Farley (Nantucket wash-a-shore and self proclaimed Notorious B-I-G lover) can be found free lance graphic designing, creating SWR Hip Hop Sunday album covers, collecting coozies, and keeping things really real. You can follow her on instagram at @sarafeatherfarley