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Julija Mostykanova Feeney

Find Her Work at Robert Foster Fine Art Gallery and the Artist Association of Nantucket Gallery

Website: www.julijamostykanova.com

Social Media:

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Contact email: info@julijamostykanova.com


1. Hometown?

Pagegiai, Lithuania

2. Years on ACK?


3. Art Style?

I’m interested in color and form, sometimes it presents itself in recognizable form and sometimes it’s more abstract.

4. How did you get your start?

In the winter of 2004 I took my first painting class at the Artist Association of Nantucket and I was hooked.

5. Who inspires you?

I believe as Picasso said “inspiration has to find you working” so I show up everyday and get inspired as I paint.

6. Why Nantucket?

It’s my home and I’m lucky to be a part of a great supportive art community. It is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen.


7. Where did you go to school?

I’ve studied Design and Technology of Polymers at Kaunas University of Technology

8. What’s your favorite art lesson?

Art Critique


9. Who is your favorite artist?

As my work evolves so do my favorite artists, but I have always loved Richard Diebenkorn and Peter Doig.

10. Where do you work your best?

I work best in my quiet studio and at times the pressure of a deadline helps.


11. What is a signature piece or style of yours?

My signature style is my use of texture through multiple layers of the paint and glazes. Often I play with the use of drawing marks and tend to have underpainting showing through.

12. What are you working on now?

I like to work on a multiple paintings at the same time but at the moment I’m focused on commission. It is a large diptych of an abstract beach scene.


13. What’s one piece of advice you would give aspiring artists?

Stick to it, work hard and develop your peer group.

14. What’s your life motto?

Make it work … and the glass is always half full.

15. What is your most prized possession?

My friends artwork and a few pieces of my own that I kept for myself.

2015 _4_2

16. What is ART in your own words?

Art is the magic that happens in a process of transformation of the world through imagination


FIVE Nantucket questions…

Early Evening Dune

17. What’s your favorite season? Spring
18. What’s your favorite beach? Miacomet
19. What’s your favorite restaurant? There’s so many of them hard to choose… but I love the Galley Beach for the amazing view!
20. What’s your favorite summer event? Artist Association of Nantucket Gala and Art Auction
21. Where is your favorite place to relax and unwind? At home on a rainy day or storm with a my family, a glass of wine and a good movie