This is guy stuff. This is a dad bod’s utopia. It’s skillful but doesn’t require elite athleticism. You can talk trash like Kevin Garnett. You can boast about your game like Floyd Mayweather. Heck, you might even pick up a date or two if you’ve got a nice hammer (a good spike). The game is Spikeball and it has taken the Nantucket beaches by storm.

spikeball 3

You’ve probably noticed that little yellow ball by the shore. Maybe it bumped into your beach chair while you were working on a crossword puzzle. Or maybe you just saw in the distance four grown men having the type of fun usually reserved for children as they dived and plunged into the soft Nantucket sand. Spikeball is durable; I’ve put all 220 soft pounds on the net and had it pop back up no problem. It’s easily movable, easy to learn and becoming easier and easier to find. There isn’t a beach on ACK right now that doesn’t have a couple nets set up.

spikeball 4

Spikeball is like a foursquare and volleyball hybrid. The volleyball rules apply as the opposing team has three hits to return the ball off of the net. The goal is to make it so that last hit is unable to be returned by the opponent. This is done by hammering the ball (the spike) or strategically hitting the ball soft enough so it falls to the sand unreturned (the side dish). The plethora of spikes and side dishes that have been peppering the ACK coastlines has opened up a heated island wide debate: Who is the best Spikeballer on Nantucket?

Here’s Six Reasons why you need to sign up for this tournament.

spieball 2

  1. Holding the Spikeball championship belt will give you bragging rights from now until eternity. It immediately puts in the debate for king of the beach and is something that will garner immense respect amongst peers.
  2. It’s only $50 dollars per team and you’re guaranteed two hours of pool play no matter your skill level. It’s a beautiful beach and you’re hanging out on Nantucket. Money well spent.
  3. It’s for the freaking kids. Half of the entry fees will be donated to the wonderful Nantucket Boys & Girls Club. Everybody loves helping out.
  4. Spikeball is the future and the future is now. Jump on this train before it’s too late and you’re left in the dust like a chump. Enhance your beach savvy and enjoy your newest endeavor.
  5. Spikeball will be helping run the event as well as sending what they claim to be the best spikeballer on the east coast. There will be no shortage of talent on the beach. Everybody should enjoy seeing this spiking and side-dishing mistro put on a show.
  6. We’re going to be having a great day. The atmosphere will be electric, and the competition will be stiff. Not to sound like your least favorite gym teacher, but if you fun, you won. Guarantee everyone will have fun on this day.

spikeball 5

July 30th, 2016 is tournament day. Surfside beach is the location. Sign up is here and bring your best Spikeball skills to Nantucket. I’ll see you there and you best believe I’m coming for that belt.


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