we all know Miss blACKbook is a super fan of Nantucket… and now after three years of a ladies love for ACK, we have added in our first Mr. blACKbook with the weekly blogs from Charlie Merritt. Here, we’ll give you the MANtucket blACKbook…  below is a little bACK story of what’s to come with this guys guide to the ROCK. Enjoy.

Charlie Says…

 I had never even heard of Nantucket in the spring of 2012. I was slinging hot wings in the kitchen of the local college bar, stuffing curly fries and jalapeno poppers into styrofoam boxes and living what I thought was the dream. Nantucket was presented as a change of pace, something to do for my last summer before graduation.

BrantPoint (1)

When I first saw the picturesque Brant Point Lighthouse from the ferry I was elbow to elbow, jockeying for position with the rest of the tourists. Going at great, and extremely rude lengths to snap a photo of the lighthouse and town. I never knew that when I got on that ferry, with no more than a couple bathing suits and some energy, that my life would be changed forever.


Mentally, I wasn’t prepared for the island lifestyle. Everyone kept telling me that Figawi was crazier than anything I had ever seen before, but when it finally got here it hit me like a Rick James slap in the face. This place had everything a 22-year old boy could ask for: cocktails, girls, beaches, food that you would see in coffee table magazines, live music, and I could go on and on. Yet, there was one thing that I couldn’t get over: the people.


Everybody knew everybody in the best way possible. I would walk into Stop & Shop and hear Todd in produce yelling to Timmy in the frozen food section. I couldn’t turn 360 degrees in public and not see one of my friends.  For a small island, the activities were endless and the high fives were free. I was hooked.

Work was an absolute treat. I knew the right people, something so crucial when finding a job, and started as a Straight Wharf door guy. At times I almost felt bad for being paid for my work. I would have helped out for free just to be able to socialize with the copious amounts of jolly patrons that made their way down to the wharf each night.


Yes, work was fun, but days off were simply unforgettable. There were dinners at lavish restaurants that included some clapping, spontaneous chanting, and towel waving; and that was before our crème brulée.


We would have beach BBQ’s and play softball with the Atlantic Ocean as our backdrop.  Literally laughing to the point of stomach pain. I mean what more could you ask for?

The community is what draws people to the island like an unspeakable attraction. Tourists, residents, and seasonal employees alike are simply happy here. It would be hard for anyone to not enjoy the island’s aforementioned characteristics.  I don’t know many people who don’t enjoy sandwiches with extra avocado, beautiful women, and a cocktail with alarming amounts of flavored vodka, but this island is so much more than that.


My second summer, I had just graduated college and was fortunate enough to stay through October. Most residents said September is their favorite month, in which case I raised an eyebrow, but I am becoming one of those people.  This 14 mile wide island is a magical place. With over 82 miles of beaches and a long, rich, fascinating whaling history, this island has layers that even the most common summer vacationer would never have the luxury of discovering. The fall made me appreciate the summer sunsets, cobblestone streets, and hole in the wall coffee shops. It made me truly realize how much hard work goes into your $48 Clam Bake entrée at Straight Wharf. The calmness and tranquility of the fall justified catching a mid-day buzz at Tree Bar, during a spontaneous fifteen-person brunch, just because it was a sunny Tuesday in July.


As I return for my fourth summer and fall, senior year if you will, the anticipation has never been higher. Every summer gets better. I’ve lived in Australia and Aspen, and have seen many places in between, but Nantucket has become my home. The energy for summer 2015 is astronomical. As Miss blACKbook continues to take the blACKbook to new heights, I figured I’d stick my foot in the door and lend a helping hand, a man’s hand. Unfortunately, most employers don’t hire based on a persons’ ability to have immense amounts of fun, but I may have struck a gold mine here.

IMG_5100 (1)

 I’ll be posting weekly with the blACKbook… giving you tips on how to make the most of your days on Nantucket and let the men on island know where to go, and most importantly, where to get down.

and so begins… the MANtucket blACKbook.