I simply had nothing left to give. The blog life doesn’t sleep and those cocktails don’t shake themselves. The summer had left me weary and weak. I needed a break. I needed to stay, but also to get away. I needed a STAYcation. So I packed a toothbrush and a wrinkled up button down (I literally live six minutes away) and headed down to the beautiful Union Street Inn. There was no better way to get back to neutral.


The Union Street Inn is a blast from the past in the best way. Its authenticity is ubiquitous throughout its charming walls. Simply put, I felt cozy the moment I walked in the door. Keeping my STAYcation secret from my lady as long as possible scored some big boy points when we left my sand-filled campsite I call a bedroom to rest our heads in the friendly confines of the inn. This was a taste of true Nantucket, an inside look at old school “typical Nantucket” architecture and an atmosphere that is so often tried but rarely duplicated by Nantucket businesses and residents alike. The Union Street Inn is a special place. Yet – the beauty of the inn at the bend of 7 Union Street lies with the staff and innkeepers that make it the best boutique B&B in Nantucket.
 common-areaThe upbeat and gracious Sarah greeted us immediately upon our arrival. The warmth and approachability of the staff gives the impression you are amongst family rather than staff. We were led down the hallway to a small common area with a table full of glossy monthly magazines as well as the staff’s daily curated events page for Nantucket’s daily happenings (PS always check the blACKbook for what’s hip and fresh around town). Just past the common area is a complimentary coffee and tea station. In addition to house-made carrot cake and brownies, there were also large cookies which I tried multiple times to make sure the first one was as soft and perfectly baked as the third one, and Prosecco for guests is served between 5 p.m.-7 p.m. To the right is a pristine kitchen; the only remaining B&B commercial kitchen and to the left is the entryway to the patio and garden.
After receiving a wonderful tour, Sarah led us into the Captain’s Room No. 3. The spacious room boasted a sinfully comfortable king size bed laden with linens screaming rem cycle. The cricket table in front of our working fireplace was beautifully covered with our special “Table for Two” package amenities featuring a bottle of Taittinger Champagne, a box of sweet dark chocolate toffee pretzels, a box of savory smoked almonds, a $20 voucher to Cisco Brewers and a $100 voucher for dinner at one of several hand-picked island restaurants. Doesn’t matter how long I’ve lived on this island, going out on Nantucket is always a celebration. Champagne felt appropriate on this evening.
After our first libation, we battled the hurricane and skirted into the night to Station 21. Transitioning from bubbles on the bed to cocktails at the vibrant and contemporary feel of Station 21 epitomized the island’s variety when it comes to accommodations and dining. Our table for two upstairs at 21 capped off my romance clinic and this is quickly becoming one of my favorite restaurants on island. The fried oyster lettuce cups with an abundance of green tomato remoulade and the shrimp and grits highlighted the meal. The bacon and cider braised collards give the grits a slightly sweet taste that I’ve never experienced in grits. Trust me, this will not be the last time I talk about food in this post.
After retiring for the evening, the main event still lay ahead: breakfast. This isn’t your ordinary B&B kitchen. This is a full on breakfast utopia. The home-cooked breakfast is an attraction in itself. This is the way to start your day. Electing to go with “eggs your way” scrambled with tomato and goat cheese, a fruit bowl with fresh granola and yogurt, and the blueberry pancakes that gave mi madre a run for her money I wanted to have breakfast for all three meals at the inn. Adding a side of sausage and a glass of fresh orange juice capped off a fantastic meal. This post could be about breakfast alone.
Despite originally arranging breakfast in bed due to the hurricane, the weather cleared up and we were able to eat in the garden. The serenity of the garden seems nearly impossible considering the inn’s proximity to Main Street. Breakfast was a fantastic time for guests to interact with the staff as they cheerfully brought breakfast plates to well-rested patrons while dishing out their daily advice on Nantucket activities. This level of comfort between guest and staff epitomizes a special experience and a friendly smile and sincere attitude is something you remember from a vacation forever.
I cannot stress enough the beauty of the intimacy of the Union Street Inn. The level of comfort with staff stemming from their warm personalities, hands-on approach and genuine enjoyment in making a guest’s experience better is what separates the Union Street Inn from the rest. The customer experience begins the moment you inquire about the inn as you are contacted months in advance in preparation for activities and dining. A lack of preparation will leave one on the wrong side looking in at the wonderful restaurants that grace the island and can really change your experience. You don’t want to be stuck crushing a late night burger at 10 p. m. because you didn’t make a reservation in time. That won’t happen here.
Union Street Inn
As we enter the fall season, there is no better time for a midweek getaway than spending a couple nights here. When you book your next Nantucket stay, consider the Midweek Special*. Receive a 5% discount for a two night stay, 10% for a three nights and 15% for four nights. TAKE NOTE: The Midweek Special is not available online – you must call directly and mention the discount code BLACKBOOK. Or book the aforementioned “Table for Two” package online or when you call. A no-brainer, as it worked out quite well for me
This beautiful inn epitomizes the authenticity of Nantucket and their extraordinary service will insure you get the most out of your island experience. Whether yearning for romance or relaxation, or just in desperate need of a getaway, I cannot think of a better recommendation.
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*The Fine Print ~ The Midweek Special is valid Sunday-Thursday, October 10-20, 2016 excluding Columbus Day Sunday and Sunday-Thursday, April 23- June 15, 2017 excluding Wine Fest and Memorial Day Sundays. Specials/packages cannot be combined with other discounts.