CHARLIE SAYS… Every man with a significant other has sat on the bench. The proverbial bench of rejection and boredom. My father has been sitting on benches while mom peruses about retail stores for clothes she will likely return since I can remember. Male shopping can be a forced experience.

I, of course, love me some fresh threads, but trying them on in public is like taking your shoes off before a flight. Cramming my large frame into a changing room to try the slim-fit dress shirt usually results in enough perspiration that I’m forced to purchase no matter the result. Living on an island that’s trendier than kale and chia seeds, good threads are necessary for your island attire.
 Gentleman, it’s ok to leave the bench. Southern Tide has made gentleman’s shopping a heck of a lot less painful, dare I even say pleasurable.
Founded by 23-year-old Allen Stephenson, Southern Tide combines a classic southern style with high-quality clothing. The result is electric. The unique blend of southern heritage with modernized designs is perfect for males of all ages in any situation.
And on Nantucket, Southern Tide is located inside of Shift at 34 Main Street. The beauty of their clothing is the versatility. It’s sand to social… beach party to bar… casual Sunday to elegant dinner. Men should be a Swiss army knife of activity, not a plastic picnic knife.
There were a few items that would be a crime for me not to mention. First, the athletic wear shirts are all the fuss and rightfully so. This light and breathable material makes you check three times if you’re actually wearing a dress shirt. Perfect for humid summer days.
Second, the Admiral Packable ¼ pullover is ideal for a cool ocean breeze. I’m no sailor, but I was day dreaming of myself on the bow “swinging the jib,” or something like that. The pullover in Shift features an outline of Nantucket island on the sleeve as well.
Lastly, the seafaring Micro Gingham Sport Shirt is number one in the closet right now. This shirt has a colored ribbon trim that is the sleekest of sleek. And absolute necessary bonus mention, the T3 Fairlead short with elastic waistband can be worn hiking, walking, out on the town and even in the water. You could literally wear these to Fisherman’s beach, walk the Sconset bluff and make dinner in town while receiving compliments at all three.
Southern Tide is dropping anchor on Nantucket island and it is time for all to know. Friday, July 14th from 4:30-6:30 at Shift on main street will be a celebration of the launch of Southern Tide on Nantucket. All are welcome to come to the event and guests will experience the latest styles that ST has to offer as well as enjoying local sips and treats. A little birdie told me there may even be an ice cream cart. This will be a great opportunity to sip a Whales Tale (always a good time) and see Southern Tide’s clothing all while savoring the summer on Nantucket.
I hope to see you down there, I’ll be the guy in the most versatile shorts in town.


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