Holiday spirit is ubiquitous through Nantucket. The town feels like a snow globe this time of year and Christmas is just around the corner. The cobblestones have a light snowy dusting and the wreaths hang from door to door. It looks like “It’s a Wonderful Life,” after it was Pottersville of course. Capturing that beautiful Nantucket charm come this holiday season will make the parents happier than George Bailey himself.

 And the best presents are things that we can do together. If you enjoy someone’s company, and hopefully you enjoy your families, what can be better? Don’t be a scrooge, do the right thing. Book the parents a vacation at Harborview Nantucket. 
I told the old man the fall and off-season was the ideal time for an ACK visit. He finally did it right and made a quick two-day trip in October. He expected the rounds of golf, he expected some drinks with the boys, he wanted to check out the box (my bad), but our accommodation was better than anything he ever imagined. Normally a visit from the old man sends me to the couch or includes renting out a closet. Landing a beautiful room at the Harborview Nantucket made his visit unforgettable. This is what you should be giving this holiday season.
I’ve seen the old man lug his oversized suit case on the cobble stones. The Harborview Nantucket’s concierge service made that seem like an old nightmare. Landing a spot at the Fair Wind cottage we enjoyed the luxurious accommodations and most importantly the view. The water is so close the sounds of the ocean offer a therapeutic sound to sleep by and you can taste the salt in the ocean mist. The view from the expansive living room puts you right in the harbor and the highlight of the trip was enjoying a before dinner libation on the deck as the sun set behind the ocean backdrop.
Even in staycation mode, the proximity of Harborview Nantucket is unbeatable. Steps away from the cobblestones and the various world-class restaurants, getting around town is too easy. We only ventured away from out spacious abode when we were forced to eat and golf. We kicked our feet up by the fireplace and conversation came easy with the ocean right in front us. We were comfortable, and that’s worth more than anything. We got to spend time together.
A side note that would be a crime without mentioning… these showers are absolutely fantastic. Haven’t felt that fresh in years. Water coming from north, south, east and west, this shower will change your day. Throw on a cozy Harborview Nantucket robe after and you’ll feel like a new person. Also, a small Fair Wind cottage secret, the best view all of these luxurious cottages comes from the second floor bathroom. A small window opens up from the shower offering a truly stunning view. I think I made us late for dinner.

Yet, this isn’t the only island gift to give this holiday season. Here’s three additional gifts to really maximize that Nantucket experience for your parents… or yourself.


 The mild ocean climate allows the world’s best public course to keep the flags in the greens year round. The course maintenance is unmatched and the 19th hole is one of my favorite places to grab a drink any time of year. The old man will play in just about any weather, but you don’t have to feel like a penguin out here. Bring the proper equipment and the off-season is the perfect time to enjoy Miacomet Golf Courses‘ amazing beauty and design without having a summer sour puss complain about your pace of play.


Who doesn’t love a rub? There is nothing more relaxing and refreshing than a nice massage. The people at Life Massage do it right. Side note, I hadn’t had a massage since ‘Nam and left my boxers on while waiting for my masseuse on top of the sheets. This was very awkward when I realized how far I had strayed from massage protocol and it would be best if you didn’t mention my name. Regardless, this is one of the best rubs in town to get you back to neutral. 


My Father and I had a meat experience that would make Ron Swanson envious. The Tomohawk steak is just ridiculous. It’s Father and son heaven. This 20-day-aged 32 oz bone-in ribeye served with twice baked potatoes, pickled peppers and mushrooms, and a mouth-watering red pepper puree and parmesan crema is the type of meal you tell your grandkids. Ventuno offers gift certificates by emailing them at and pair with a stay at Harborview Nantucket and you’ve got the whole parents vacation package together.

TAKE NOTE! There’s a Harborview Nantucket New Year’s Eve special going on!
Guests can join the Harborview Nantucket for NYE and choose one of the three unique, New Year themed culinary experiences at Nantucket Culinary Center, save 30% off their accommodations, receive a bottle of Champagne, two bottled waters of Pellegrino upon arrival, party favors and a complimentary late check-out until 2 p.m. Click below to book!
Any loved one appreciates your times. The aforementioned gifts will all but stuff the stocking. Enjoy Nantucket, enjoy your happy place, enjoy the holidays, and most importantly enjoy your family.
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