#ARTISTonACK is made possible by the Artists Association of Nantucket. Currently celebrating its 70th year, AAN is opening the island’s first Visual Arts Center at 24 Amelia Drive and ushering in a new era for the arts and art education on Nantucket. Established by a small group of island artists in 1945, AAN creates a vibrant arts community by promoting, supporting, and encouraging Nantucket artists; by providing educational programs in the arts; and by preserving the legacy of Nantucket artists. 


21 Questions with an Island Artist!


The Anchored Artist

Meredith Hanson

Work represented by the Artists Association of Nantucket

1. Hometown? Bedford, NY

2. Years on ACK? Vacation years: 20… Year Round Resident: 4

  3. Art Style? Always changing!


 4. How did you get your start? My very first private art teacher, Barbara Herzberg followed by many wonderful professors in college.

 5. Who inspires you? My art students inspire me every day!

6. Why Nantucket? My fabulous students and friends on the island who I share my artistic passion with.


7. Where did you go to school? I graduated with a degree in Studio Art and Art History from Wheaton College in Norton, Massachusetts.

8. What’s your favorite art lesson? While abroad on my Arts in Ireland summer program, my professor and I chatted about concepts and themes for the trip. He asked how I was going to portray myself as an artist. I discovered that I was most inspired by landscapes and seascapes.


9. Who is your favorite artist? My two all time favorite artists are Wolf Kahn and Mary Cassatt. My first art teacher gave me a box of Wolf Kahn pastels which sparked my love for color. I first learned about Mary Cassatt during my American art history class at Wheaton. Mary Cassatt painted the most exquisite sentimental moments shared between mothers and their children.

10. Where do you work your best? I work best in my little studio at home.

11. What is a signature piece or style of yours?Painting the great outdoors!


12. What are you working on now?I have just started a new Nantucket wave collection.



13. What’s one piece of advice you would give aspiring artists?I tell my young students to embrace their inner artist!


14. What’s your life motto? “Remember to laugh out loud and make your own luck.”

15. What is your most prized possession? My art supplies from Paris!


16. What is ART in your own words? Art is how I express myself and how I see the world.

A few Nantucket questions…

1. What’s your favorite season?

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 2.51.53 PM
Summer- There is nothing better than Nantucket sunshine and getting to see all of my art students back on the island for lessons!


2. What’s your favorite beach?



3. What’s your favorite restaurant?

My all time favorite restaurant on Nantucket is, Dune! I love to go there for my birthday and other special occasions.

4. What’s your favorite summer event?

Participating in, and contributing to, the Artists Association Annual Summer Art Auction and Gala.


5. Where is your favorite place to relax and unwind?

After a big day of painting and teaching, I love to come home and unwind…but first I grab with a Handlebar Cafe Chai tea latte!


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Interested in her purchasing her beautiful work? Email her MeredithHansonArt@gmail.com