Oh Nantucket… how do we love thee? Let us count the ways. And with this special blACKbook feature, we’ve got 28 of them, in fact! Over the course of the past month, we’ve been shouting out some of favorite Instagram accounts and their best ACK photos while giving them the chance to tell blACKbook fans why they love life on the Grey Lady. And now, with our final day of the month of Feb… we have them all together! For the love of Nantucket…  here are the many photos and reasons why we love this magical little island.


“Only on Nantucket: a big open beach that’s breathtakingly beautiful yet totally unassuming. And that is why Fisherman’s beach is, hands down, my favorite part of this unicorn of an island- And my favorite place in the world to Instagram.” ~ Sara Farley


“Nantucket is my haven from the insanity in the world around us. I can’t look at a scene like this at Great Point without finding some level of comfort and peace.” ~Josh Gray


“How many places can you leave work and be at the beach within five minutes? I love how Nantucket reinforces the beauty in simplicity. Nantucket brought out a creative side in me, and I think it is because I am continually immersed in such natural beauty.” ~Lauren Marttila


“I love living on Nantucket because it’s an unconventional way of life and it’s slow living and both of those work for me.” ~Jess Jenkins


“I always say you won’t find better people than those who surf on Nantucket. They’re mothers, fathers, business owners, artists, but out on the waves we’re all connected by one thing – our love for the ocean. Even out of the water, I know I could ask any of them for anything and they’d happily deliver. And that’s what I love about the island – it’s more than a community, it’s a family.” ~Jonathan Nimerfroh


“Nantucket is a place where you can turn what you love or what you do for fun into a way of living. Artists, authors & songwriters visit & live here for inspiration. Whenever we get a moment, we run round the island to capture the beauty with our cameras. Whether we’re flying our drone or snapping from the ground, we never forgot how lucky we are to be able to do this together but to do it in a place with the most encouraging and inviting community.” Laura Cunningham + Chris Wendzicki


“I got pretty lucky with this shot out at Cisco last summer. I sometimes think a higher being is looking over this little island most of the time, but on this day something other than the sun was most definitely present off of the southern coast. Whatever was going on here made for unbelievable colors and contrast during the golden hour.” ~Chris Sleeper


“Love is what defines this island, it is what grows in our gardens, it is a quiet walk into town for coffee, it is a beach day, a swim, family, friends…. finding love in all of the little moments on Nantucket is what makes this island my happy place.” ~Meredith Hanson


“I choose to live on Nantucket because of the amazing community, both year-round and summer residents. I’ve met so many wonderful people here by living here in January and June. And when that weather gets warmer, I’m alway excited for another busy summer season to meet new friends.” ~David Handy


“Nantucket is an oasis out in the middle of the ocean. I don’t think there’s anywhere else that rewards with such beauty and grace as this special island. She comes alive in the summer yet it’s the now months in partial hibernation which we really treasure and hold dear.” ~ Nate Coe


“I never realized how much Nantucket was home until I left. Now the magnetic pull of this magic little island keeps me coming back no matter how far I wander.” ~Georgie Morley


“I love the smell of the rosa rugosas in June; I love that for an island so small you can always find a place to escape and discover; I love walking up main street or through Sconset and feeling like I have stepped back in time; I love its simplicity; I love the history. Most importantly I love the way it makes me feel. It is a special place, truly magical. I’m convinced there is a magnetic force that keeps us all coming back or simply never leaving.” ~Marla Sanford


“I love Nantucket because it is a place to connect. As a runner I connect our island’s beautiful environment, and as an educator I connect with this vibrant community.” ~Courtney Bridges




“If you follow me on instagram, you may have noticed that I recently went through a breakup. 🖤You’ll also notice that immediately following that breakup, the only logical solution was to book a flight to Nantucket. So This V-Day, Nantucket is my true love, and here’s how I came to this realization.  💕FOR THE LOVE OF NANTUCKET 💕Nantucket is home to so many important aspects of my life, and is filled with love story after love story. I even met my first love on this island, and the memories that I have and the community I’ve built will stay with me for a lifetime.  💜FOR THE LOVE OF WORK💜 I knew I wanted to be a Lilly girl when I attended my first Midnight Madness sale. My job at In The Pink was the first in my career in retail, and inspired me to chase after what I love- all the way to NYC. 💙FOR THE LOVE OF FAMILY 💙My family is scattered across the country, and nothing gathers extended loved ones quite like a beach house. Fam reunions are no joke in the Zona household though, we break out the pictionary and we take no prisoners. Period.  💚💚FOR THE LOVE OF COMMUNITY 💚One of the best parts about working with blACKbook is the network that you establish once you immerse yourself in all the island has to offer. Some of my fondest memories have come from connecting with powerful women, toasting with entrepreneurs, and listening to the storied past that makes this island so special.  💛FOR THE LOVE OF FRIENDSHIP 💛When I was 9, my parents dragged me me (kicking & screaming) to summer camp on the island. There was no consoling me, I was a wreck. However, on the first day of that summer camp I met my best friend, Elizabeth. She is still my BFF & we’ve lived together on the island the past 2 summers ❤️FOR THE LOVE OF LOVE  ❤️ So… I started this post on a low note, but see how far we’ve come?! I figured out this weekend on my impromptu reset that true love doesn’t have to be 50 shades of sexy in order to get the heart pumping. True love is the comfort that you can find even on the greyest of grey lady days – it’s that love that keeps you coming home.” ~Emily Zona


“The highlight of my morning commute is usually making the turn down Washington Street Extension where I can see the sunrise on my way to the office. On this particular morning, I decided to shoot down to Sayle’s and wade into the water to take some photos. I love this image because the scene emits a sense of calm, which in the height of summer can be fleeting.” ~Rob Cocuzzo


“What I love most about living on Nantucket is the balance between the intimacy you feel as a small, island community and the solace you find in the nature that surrounds you. Together, they ask you to live with more integrity.” ~Evie O’Connor


“There is a wildness here that endures. Nantucket is the edge between life as we know it and a vast unknowable energy. Every day, everywhere on island is floating on this balance, and it affects us all in its unknowable way, whether you acknowledge it or not. That center line is what I love about this place. That and October.” ~Tom Olcott


“My relationship with this special place started by exchanging love letters with @chefsethraynor 30 years ago. I was on my internship cooking in the south of France and Seth was cooking at @ChanticleerNantucket. Our life has been full here ever since. Our lives revolve around the table, always been tied to family, friends and the sea. I followed my heart to Nantucket 30 years ago. I got engaged and married here, both of our children were born here, we have opened 3 restaurants here, my Dad is buried here. Our wildest improbable dreams came true here and we are so grateful to have worked with and shared our tables with so many.” ~Angela Raynor


“World renown food ✔️pristine golf courses ✔️a bar at every corner ✔️ beaches like you read about ✔️every day off is like a mature bachelor party… or immature depending on who you ask. Yet it’s the island’s true diversity why I’ll never be able to let it go. There is something for every taste. And no matter your purpose or direction, everybody has one thing in common: they love Nantucket.” ~Charlie Merrit


“It’s the lifetime worth of memories made with dear family, and the everlasting friendships built over the years in this one-of-a-kind community…ever enhanced by the sweet smell of dewy grass as the sun rises and breaks through the dense fog, the way the sky shows off its ethereal colors before the sun dips below the horizon, and the late night sounds of crickets chirping while the ocean waves crash on the shore. Point blank, I wouldn’t be the person I am today and I wouldn’t appreciate the little things in life half as much if not for this magical slice of paradise 30 miles out to sea.” ~Mara Lancey


“I love Winter on Nantucket for its extremes… either quietly blanketed in fresh snow and stillness or in a raging storm… both extremes speak to me. No bright colors please in this season! It’s about muted, subtle and soothing tones and the crisp blue and pink winter light. Gone are the vibrant blue hydrangeas and the yellows of Daffodil have yet to appear. Give me grey, mauve, light blue, taupe and ivory. ” ~Maria Carey


“I love the beach in the summer, and long walks in the fall, the snow covered streets in winter, and maybe the daffodils of spring most of all. Seasons change, people come and go, but that’s ok, because there’s no place I’d rather be, than this island made for me.” ~Lois Hutchinson


“I was never a big landscape photographer. That was until I landed on Nantucket. The quality of light here, the” land-meets-sea” scapes, and the ever-changing weather make for some incredible imagery. It’s begging to be photographed and it’s a refreshing break from my commercial photography work.” ~Kit Noble


“I pulled into Nantucket harbor for the first time on July 6, 1993, and to paraphrase John Denver, it was like coming home to a place I’d never been before. This photo shows my favorite harbor view (as seen from @OathPizza.) And if I’m at Oath pizza, that means it’s a quiet night with my kids… a wonderful counterpoint to my crazy summer social life.” ~Elin Hilderbrand


“I love the many faces of Nantucket – the hustle and bustle of the busy summer season, the quiet explorations through Squam Swamp, and the breathtaking sunsets of the south shore. This diversity is one of the things I appreciate most of our grey lady.” ~Jason Bridges


“Every day in February I walk six miles through Sanford Farm to the beach at Ram Pasture, my favorite place on the Island this time of year. It’s heaven, getting lost between ocean and sky in the peace, solitude, birdsong, sun, and scrub brush nestled between Clark Cove and Hummock Pond.” ~Jessi Rinehart


“The changing of the seasons has always been a highlight of living on Nantucket throughout my 32 years here on Island. In August, we tend to wish for cooler temperatures and a slower pace of life. In the February we can’t stop talking about how summer can’t come soon enough…” ~Tyler Herrick

February 28th

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“We all come bACK. Because our one true love lives here. She is the calming beaches in Madaket and the dense fog that sweeps over Surfside. She’s patient and sits there with you, while you ponder life and watch the waves crash at Great Point. And she dines with you, over a bottle of Chassagne-Montrachet at the Galley and with a tuna martini at the Pearl. She can be a total lady and make you smile and relax as you watch the bright sunset over Cisco. And she can be a fickle woman, when she brings the Nor’easter to the island and stops all the planes and boats from running, when you have to get to Newport for a wedding. She’s your bread and butter in the summer. She’s your best fall friend. For some, she’s a year round love and for many others, she’s a May to December romance. She is Nantucket. That Grey Lady. And man… she really does something to all of us.” ~Holly Finigan

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