Father’s Day is fast approaching and we all know DADS can often be the hardest to buy for…. but you’re in luck! We’ve rounded up 5 perfect presents for Pops from NANTUCKET LOOMS, that you not only can you buy online, but can pair with a fresh Nantucket Experience. Here’s what we’re loving this year, with a special Father’s Day feature from blACKbook and Looms!


THE PRESENT: The Fish Platter

PAIR IT WITH: A Fishing Trip on the Absolute

Is your dad a lover of nautical adventures? And is he mean on the grill? Take his culinary expertise  up a notch and pair this beautiful Ceramic Fisherman Dish with a trip on the Absolute Sports Fishing Boat. After a day on the water, he’ll be able to come home, fry up his big catch and serve it on this beautiful and fitting platter. Head on down to Straight Wharf Dock and set up your next Striper outing with Brian “Boomie” Borgeson and crew for a festive day on the high seas and you can get the platter by clicking below!


THE PRESENT: The Fisherman Flask

PAIR IT WITH: A Bottle Of Eagle Rare from FRESH

Does your dad enjoy a quality summer sipper? The FLASK is the perfect compliment to that fishing trip (or any outting for that matter!) is this unique twist on the classic flask with the wooden top! Pair this Ceramic Fisherman’s Flask with a bottle of bourbon to keep dad in good spirits! Head on over to FRESH and have MANtucket blACKbook Charlie Merritt pick out your old man a good bottle of the brown stuff, and click below to make that flask your fathers now!


THE PRESENT: Handwoven Antique Art

PAIR IT WITH: An Adult Art Class At The Artists Association

Help your daddio  freeze time on Nantucket with this collective piece of eclectic art made by Loom’s  master weaver, Rebecca Jusko Peranor. The re-purposed antique watch components are woven into this tapestry with an 1890 ledger as bACKground! The ivory dominoes from the late 1800’s add interest and whimsy to this special piece and it will be a beautiful Nantucket reminder whether it hangs in your fathers office at home, or his cottage along Hither Creek. Looking to let your father get a little creative? Pair the piece with an art class for adults at The Artists Association! Click for full HERE for the AAN schedule and get your beautiful Looms artwork below!


THE PRESENT: The Looms Compass

PAIR IT WITH: A Hy-Line Commuter Book Of Ferry Tickets

Is your Father the Captain of his own ship? Then this small wooden compass is the perfect addition to his nautical collection. This gorgeous compass is a replica of the one used by Lewis & Clark in their journey through unchartered territories.  Set in a beautiful burl rosewood box, it’s perfectly priced at just $50.  Pair it with a commuter book of fast ferry tickets from Hy-line Cruises and this dynamic duo will help Pops navigate bACK to his happy place!


THE PRESENT: Nantucket Looms Sweaters

PAIR IT WITH: A Priceless Walk About Nantucket

Slip on your Nantucket Looms sweater for a chilly June evening walk around the Grey Lady with the family. This sweater is a classic take on a boat neck favorite… and don’t just stop with Dad, get one for Mom and yourself! These sweaters look just as good on the guys as they do on the gals! And the ultimate gift you can give your dad this fathers day? Is just your company. So slip on your Looms Sweater, head out for a walk around Brant Point and savor the precious moments of being on Nantucket with your dad!


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“Inspired by the beauty and spirit of our beloved island, we believe in sharing the elegance of Nantucket cottage-style living with the world. Since 1968, Nantucket Looms has provided locals and visitors with the finest home furnishings, handwoven textiles, clothing and accessories, and it continues to be a mainstay of the island today. With an affinity for the simple and lasting, for time-honored craftsmanship and unique artisanal goods, we are proud to honor this special way of life. Over 80 local artists are represented in our retail shop, and our talented interior designers and on-island weavers can be found year-round right in our Main Street studios. It’s a harmonious mix of the traditional and contemporary—original, timeless, Nantucket.”