Is there anything New Englanders love more than their iced coffee? Fuhgeddaboudit. We solute the brave winter iced coffee drinkers, but for the rest of us, summer is when our iced coffee obsession is actualized. For a small island, we’ve got a strong coffee game. Whether you’re strolling around town, looking for an iced buzz on the way out to the beach, or trying to get through some work in the afternoon, there’s a coffee shop for you.

Today we’re sharing our insider secrets on all things iced coffee on Nantucket. Where to buy it, what to get and where to drink it.

 First up:

Where to find the best iced drinks on Island

15 Washington Street
Handlebar celebrated its 3rd birthday this July. In the past three years, this cafe has become legendary for its friendly baristas, good vibes and obsession with great coffee.

Best for: iced espresso drinks

Nothing beats that first swirl when you stir the espresso into your iced latte, well except for that first sip. Handlebar prides themselves on high quality espresso, so you’ll be sure to find something that satisfies that cold coffee craving.

Lemon Press

29 Centre Street

Lemon Press is a healthy eater’s oasis. From the gorgeous plant covered decor, to the endless supply of nutritious options, this spot is perfect for those who love to eat good and feel good.

Best for: delicious healthy elixirs

If you’re looking to switch up your iced coffee routine, or want a healthy afternoon elixir, Lemon Press has got you covered. They have turmeric lattes, superfood smoothies, herbal iced tea infusions and lots of fresh pressed juice.

21 Old South Road
This island new-comer is known for their fresh cuts of meat, homemade bagels and artisan grocery selection. They also serve up Starbucks coffee.

Best for: cold brew when you’re avoiding town

Located on Old South Road, Nantucket Meat and Fish Market is a great option when you’re on your way out to the beach, running errands or just want to avoid town. My go to? The cold brew. It’s less bitter than traditional iced coffee and so flavorful that you can even skip the cream (or not, because #nojudgement)

Now, here’s what to order when you’re tired of your regular…

4 Iced Coffee Swaps to Shake up Your Summer Drink

1. Nitro Iced Coffee

The nitro coffee trend is spreading like wildfire and for good reason. It takes iced coffee to the next level. Ok so what is it? Nitro is iced coffee pulled through a nitrogen tap which creates a frothy creamy iced coffee with a head of foam. Best part? It tastes less bitter and is totally milk free. Think Guinness but coffee.

2. Iced Americano

If you’re an iced coffee fiend, why not give an iced americano a try. This drink is made with ice, cold water and shots of espresso. It’s got the consistency and boldness of iced coffee with the rich espresso flavor. You can drink it with or without milk and sugar.

3. Shots over Ice

This has been my personal go-to drink for years. I love the strength and flavor of espresso, but don’t want all the milk in an iced latte. My fix? Shots over ice. It’s exactly like it sounds and it’s perfect for people who love a stronger iced drink. I usually have mine with a splash of milk.

4. Make it a Matcha

Looking to try something totally different? Make it a matcha. A whatcha? Matcha is a powdered form of green tea. It’s got about half the caffeine of coffee and gives a more mellow boost of energy versus the jolt you get from coffee. I recommend trying it in an iced matcha latte. It’s not naturally sweet, so feel free to mix in a little simple syrup.

You’ve got your cold drink in hand, you’re walking in town and you’re looking for a secluded spot to sip, we know just the place(s)…

Our 4 Favorite Outdoor Spots to Sip on Iced Coffee in Town

1. Snag a bench between Straight & Old South Wharf

This classic harbor view never gets old. On calm days the sky and water are like mirror images. It’s that unique combo of being able to see the hustle and bustle, while not being in it. Perfect for people (and yacht) watching.

2. Hide away in the secret garden

Behind Handlebar Cafe is one of the cutest patios. You’re surrounded by ivy and flowers. What could be better? It’s an ideal outdoor spot for coffee dates.

3. Relax at the Fair Street Corner Park

Who doesn’t love a good fountain? And let’s be real, they’re kind of hard to come by on Nantucket. Luckily on the corner of Main & Fair street there’s an adorable park complete with bubbling fountain. Perfect if you’re looking for a peaceful park.

4. The Park on Washington Street

Driving out of town, down Washington Street it’s easy to miss this adorable park that’s across from the town lot. There are plenty of shady benches with harbor views to chose from. It’s a perfect spot if you’re looking for a little solitude while you sip.


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Like many islanders Georgie enjoys wearing many hats. When she’s not running her wellness website and podcast, she’s out trying to capture the perfect photo. She spent a year working as a barista at Handlebar Cafe which made her even more coffee (and hug) obsessed. Follow her on instagram at @InIt4TheLongRunBlog