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With Love From Nantucket Looms

Fall on island means crisp weather, crunchy leaves, calm beaches…and an influx of Nantucket Nuptials. Of course, with wedding season here, comes the accompanying search to find that perfect wedding gift. Sure, they say you’ve got a year to gift your perfect pressie, so whether you haven’t wrapped up last year’s wedding season, or if you’re simply looking for the fresh, fab gifts for 2016…check out the eight presents we’re…

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Nantucket Wedding Videos

Ahhhh, Fall on the Rock. The weather is amazing, the weekdays are calm, and the weekends begin the influx of Nantucket Nuptials. And with that, there are so many ways to savor the Big Day on the 02554. So when it comes to your videographer, and making that day that goes by so quickly stay forever… we say check out the husband and wife team of Chris and Laura from Nantucket Wedding Videos.…

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Honeymoon at Harborview Nantucket!

Beautiful deserted beaches… Romantic tables for two… Crisp fall air… Nothing to do but everything you want… It’s no wonder why so many people choose to honeymoon here on Nantucket in the fall. After a long haul of wedding planning, a plethora of guests and air kisses, and the inevitable end of your big day, comes… the big rest. A time to put the wedding diet to bed, and get…

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bridal Nantucket Nuptials

2015 blACKbook wedding

The 2015 blACKbook wedding shoot began with a vision of dawn in Squam by Betsey Brooks... we traded in the AM harbor view for the swamp and savored the evening at our favorite chefs table, which doubles as a perfect spot for a rehearsal dinner! From our lush to luxe bride, enjoy the latest blACKbook collab as we step outside the aisle and into the beautiful outdoors with two very distinct wedding styles on Nantucket. all…

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A Dozen For I DO

Every fall, blACKbook gets incredibly inspired by all the island weddings. So here are 12 tips to make the most of Nantucket during your Nuptials! Enjoy a dozen for I DO. I DO… want to get in shape blACKbook says… be a BARRE BRIDE at Go Figure! I DO… want to get my bridesmaids a cool gift blACKbook says… check out the gifts at Milly & Grace I DO… want groovy gifts for groomsmen blACKbook says……

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5 Wonderful Wedding Weekend Accommodations

Coming to a Nantucket wedding and looking for the perfect, all encompassing place to rest your head between rehearsal dinners, the big day, and the Sunday Funday (a.k.a. recovery) We at blACKbook have a high five of fresh spots to stay for all types of travelers during every type of seasonal wedding weekend. Searching For… luxury downtown hotel accommodations where you can walk to the wedding festivities  Find It At… White Elephant Hotel Why…

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21 Broad For Wedding Weekends

Coming bACK for wedding weekends and need to find a fun, fresh + oh so convenient spot to stay? blACKbook says you just gotta check out 21 Broad! This gorgeous boutique inn not only is right downtown and filled with amazing amenities, but also has been named one of the Conde Nast Traveler Hot 100 boutique hotels IN THE WORLD! (oh, and the price is fab too!) 1. Hop, Skip…

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