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24 Reasons Why Nantucket Is Our Happy Place

In need of a digital dose of the Grey Lady? We’ve got 24 reasons why Nantucket is our Happy Place… as told to you through some of our favorite instagrams! (DISCLAIMER… prepare to be homesick for the 02554!) 1. Nantucket Is Our Happy Place… because it’s so magical that ferries have to take you there. 2. Nantucket Is Our Happy Place… because it’s got nice beer… if you can get it. 3. Nantucket Is Our…

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Fresh For Fall With Blue Beetle!

So it’s definitely feeling like late fall… And you want to keep warm, but you don’t want to get so out of the comfort zone that you end up living in a sweatsuit. Not to worry! We have you covered (literally!) right here as we teamed up with blACKbook member Blue Beetle to showcase the 4 Nantucket looks to stay stylish and snug as we gear up for the winter months. 1. Stock Up Your Closet… with…

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5 Design Musts For The Nantucket Home

When it comes to building properties on Nantucket… our friends at Hanley Development sure know how to make a house a home. From their spectacular design to the multi functional use of space to the ways in which they blend craftsmanship into quality, it’s a treat to tour their homes on island. And looking to make your forever home on Nantucket? Here Hanley Development shares with us the 5 must haves for…

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Looking to really shake things up? Bored with your hair color and tired of the same old style? Want to learn how to enhance your features and understand how to apply your makeup like a pro? It’s often during the change of the seasons, that we start to reflect on subtle changes we would like to make for ourselves… so if this sounds like you, then here’s your chance to win a FREE MAKEOVER! Our…

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The bACK story on Nantucket Reds

Don’t call them pink. Don’t call them salmon. They ain’t coral and certainly not peach. They’re Nantucket Reds. The fashion mascot of the island and here are nine things to note about these iconic pants. 1. How The RED Was Born While the space that Murray’s Toggery Shop occupies a long and vast history of its own, it didn’t become the company it is today until Philip Murray purchased the business in 1945.…

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the 2016 Miss blACKbook Intern Recap

Emily here, the blACKbook intern for this summer! 2016 has been a wild ride filled with new experiences and lots of changes. I had the pleasure of getting to meet new people, explore parts of the island I never knew about, and truly savor what Nantucket has to offer. Now it’s time for me to reflect and share my top 16 for 2016. 1. Seeing the island for the first…

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Nine To Note on Greydon House!

Broad Street has certainly changed over the past year. From the additions of the Nantucket Culinary Center to the remodeled Nantucket Bookworks to the newly redefined Meursault… now, the street that brings us culinary delights and sweet spots to stay and play has another property for all of us to chat about… welcome GREYDON HOUSE. There has been some serious buzz surrounding this new hotspot, so you know blACKbook had to get a leg up…

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Ballet to Barre For All Bodies!

Miss blACKbook says… “In search of a way to get ACKtive back on the rock this fall? I’ve got you covered right here with Go Figure Barre Studio and Nantucket Ballet. Get the scoop on the two fabulous and fit women behind these classes and why you (and your kids!) should be part of their programs below!” Meet Christina of Go Figure Barre Studio. This savvy entrepreneur not only owns SIX Go…

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