Miss blACKbook says… “In search of a way to get ACKtive back on the rock this fall? I’ve got you covered right here with Go Figure Barre Studio and Nantucket Ballet. Get the scoop on the two fabulous and fit women behind these classes and why you (and your kids!) should be part of their programs below!”


Meet Christina of Go Figure Barre Studio. This savvy entrepreneur not only owns SIX Go Figure Barre Studios, but also is the mom to three adorable children and finds the time to keep herself fit and balanced thanks to the transformative barre method. I have been practicing with her for the past two years and could go on and on about how much her classes have changed my body and my posture… but I’ll let you hear it straight from my BARRE-tender… right here as she give you the four reasons to get your bod to the BARRE.

 Why is BARRE a great fall exercise?

The Figure Method barre class is the perfect way to stoke your metabolic fire as the weather turns cooler! Your exercise tends to move indoors and it’s an ideal time to focus on your technique in class.

 What body part does the barre tone that is especially great for fall fashion? 

 Two parts stand out in particular: gorgeous sculpted arms and a lifted and toned backside. This method is all about achieving a long and lean physique–perfect for skinny jeans, high boots, and sleeveless tops (maybe a faux fur vest, too, because we doesn’t love that?!).

 Describe to us how in one month the barre could change your body?

 Figure Method will transform your body if you come to the barre three to four times a week. In one month you would see real results: tapered waistline, leaner and more defined legs, lifted seat, flattened and toned stomach, and stronger, sculpted arms and back. Perhaps the biggest benefit is the difference you will see in your posture–Figure Method instructors work with each client on optimal positioning to find correct alignment. You will stand taller and become more aware of your postural alignment even when not in class.

 Why do you do it?

 For me, there’s no other exercise program like it. This method brings together aspects of disciplines which I love (yoga, pilates, orthopedic exercises and traditional physical training) with a clear emphasis on classical ballet technique. I love the intensity of it and love that it never gets easy. It changes every time which also keeps me interested, and the hour flies by. I never catch myself watching the clock or wishing away the time. I think what motivates me the most is being in class with women who are 20 and 30 years older than me, in perfect form with amazing cut arms, lifted seats, and gorgeous long and lean physiques. This is a method for the lifespan because it is joint friendly and low impact. So I know I can do it for a very long time!

In that stunning sunset, you’ll see the amazing Michelle Birmingham, a Go Figure Barre instructor and also the moving force behind Nantucket Ballet. She’s just as sweet on the kids as she is motivating for adults! Here she has the four reasons why Ballet should be incorporated bACK into your life… regardless your age!

Why is ballet perfect for Nantucket kids?

There are so many benefits of ballet for kids. Class is an opportunity to socialize, they learn how to work independently and also in a group, develop listening skills and gross motor skills, posture, and musicality. Dance is a kinesthetic way of learning so the child is going to learn by doing, instead of just listening or seeing. They get an hour of non-stop moving – perfect for ACKtive kids 🙂

What kind of fun happens at the ballet classes?michelle

Ballet class is a different for each age group – for the tiniest dancers the class is filled with games and imaginative ideas to help them embody different physicality. For example we’ll dance like an elephant then a flamingo or dance like a floating balloon and then a balloon caught in the wind!  I also incorporate different props like scarves, hula hoops, and bean bags depending on the activity we’re doing. If I were to ask the tiny dancers what their favorite part of class is I think I would hear “Frozen Freeze dance!” which is how we always end class. For the older levels I think working toward, and then finally performing our end of season show is fun, challenging and incredibly rewarding. The dancers put a lot of work into the final performance but have such a sense of accomplishment and also camaraderie with their fellow dancers at showtime!

Why should adults incorporate ballet into their lives?

Many adults that I teach used to danced as a child many years ago… so for them it’s like revisiting something they loved in childhood. For other adults it’s something they’ve always wanted to take up but never had the opportunity. Ballet is not only a great form of exercise, but it’s also a way to express yourself and get out of your head for a little while.

What are the three biggest perks of doing ballet for the body?

The perks are endless but the ones that stand out for me are balance, flexibility, better posture – which are beneficial in everyday life!


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