Searching to be inspired… to try something new … and to practice more yoga and self care? Well, the 5th annual Nantucket Yoga Festival is right around the corner and a perfect way to do all this and more! And with five days to the fest, we’ve got the 5 reasons why this is our go-to summer festival on ACK and how to save on your full festival pass!

1. You Can… Create Your Own Yoga Fest Adventure!

With 20 fantastic instructors, 30 incredible vendors and 40 extraordinary workshops, there is no shortage of ways to get inspired by the amazing things happening at Nantucket Yoga Festival… and our favorite part? Is that everyone can customize their own experience… there is a practice for every person and over this amazing weekend, you can create your own path! From lectures on practicing mindfulness and tools to help you destress during the day and sleep better at night, to vinyasa yoga, dynamic yoga, circus yoga, and so much more, this weekend offers so much to so many!

2. You Can… Try Out Something Really New!

Looking to branch out in your yoga practices? #ACKyogafest gives you the amazing opportunity to do so with SLACKLINE yoga On Saturday and Sunday! This yoga is best known as “distilling the art of yogic concentration” and has yogis balancing on a 1 inch piece of webbing tied between two trees. These guys have taught the gamut of yoga practicers from 6 year olds to 80 year olds and they say with a little perseverance and patience, the practice can be achieved by almost anyone!

3. You Can.. Kick Off The Weekend And Learn From The Greats!

On Friday Evening, for those with the full festival pass, you’ll be able to enjoy a beautifully curated dinner at the Westmoor Club and an evening with the incredible STEPHEN COPE, author and senior scholar in residence at Kripalu who was named by Yoga Journal as one of the top 25 innovators in yoga in America in the last quarter of a century! He is going to speak about this fast-paced age, and how the often overwhelming realities of daily life may leave you feeling uncertain about how to realize your life’s true purpose. And Stephen will be leading us to find our true calling, sharing thoughts from his book, “The Great Work of Your Life.”  AND to top it all off, we’ll get a really amazing AcroYoga performance by The Yogaslackers! Check these guys out below:

4.  You Can… Shop The Vendor Tent All Weekend Long!

For those who love to experience new brands and meet new people, the #ACKyogafest vendor tent has an 40 amazing purveyors that gives festival goers the incredible opportunity to be inspired by so many different people! Find your newest favorite leisure clothing line, try new products for health, beauty and wellness, savor some reiki outside the tent and purchase intention jewelry that will transform your mind, body and spirit! We always find the most unique products here!

5. and let’s be honest… Nantucket + Yoga = HAPPINESS

There is something so magical about the island of Nantucket … we know that.. and when you add in a Yoga Festival like ours, it truly captures the essence of why Nantucket really is a place of peace… By the time the festival ends of Sunday, you’ll be transformed and forever changed by this collaboration of so many beautiful souls. Book it now and take some “me time” this weekend to truly get bACK to the essence of being present… grateful… and happy! For those that live on island, this is a true escape for the downtown craziness… get a one day pass and savor the experience! We can’t wait to see you there.

Buy your full festival pass and save $50 using code blACKbook! Coming for the day? Use the same code for $25 off your Saturday or Sunday pass!


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