When you work like we do at blACKbook, there are daily think tanks, countless coffee catch ups, and a copious amount of instagrams from wining and dining around the island – whether it be January or July! And while we LOVE being social, sometimes our meetings need a little peace and quiet, or we just want to savor the socializing without the scene. So here, in our latest blACKbook by the numbers, check out the seven sneaky spots where you can dine + dish without the craziness.


LOLA red roomOkay, so LoLa may not seem like the space where you would go to hideaway. Especially since this restaurant is jamming regardless the season…  but if you’re jonsing for that LoLa Burger and aren’t in the mood for mayhem, request the RED ROOM. This amazing little back area has been known as the bubble room, or the trouble room, but regardless, it’s the only place Miss blACKbook will take her family when they visit in the heat of August. You can create your own vibe, have intimate conversations, and even enjoy quick service from the bar with the takeout window that gives you a secret peek into what’s going on in the restaurant. Not a big party? No worries, LoLa’s Sushi Bar (seats 41 + 42) offers the best people watching and are tucked in next to the kitchen, so you can savor the scene from afar…


With three bustling bars and seven distinct rooms to dine in, VENTUNO has a lot to offer. And while it’s the perfect space to be social (Miss blACKbook would know, she did bartend there for three years!) there is one incredible private and super cool table that is literally tucked in between the walls… Say hello to table 41, an ideal spot to have a dinner for two, host a good catch up with a great friend you haven’t seen in a while, or if you’re a celeb, this is your spot. You’ll feel like you’re in your own totally private world with this sneaky deuce – a blACKbook favorite for date night especially.


vintage room
The Pearl is a private dining oasis… Between a cozy two tops tucked in the corners, to the coveted Chefs Table on the patio with a sneaky view of Federal Street, to the PINK ROOM on the second floor (which is a truly the most festively colored room on ACK!), there is a sneaky spot for every diner. But we want to chat about The Vintage Room. This space, accessed only by the stairs to the second floor, has a beautiful dark wood throughout and is blanketed in dim lighting with magnums of storied wine bottles adorning the space. The Vintage Room is both a fresh place to get all the boys together for a guys night and a cool space to host a special dinner party with the good friends you don’t see nearly enough.


handleabr secret garden
If you’re looking for a little caffeine with your catch up, the Handlebar Cafe is the coffee haven for you. But sometimes, coffee shops aren’t meant for down-low convos, which is why we LOVE their “Secret Garden” behind the Handlebar Cafe! Located down a small path in the back of the building at 15 Washington Street, this beautifully manicured, ivy covered space has sweet shabby chic furniture. Its a great little spot to sneak in some Vitamin D with your latte, while spending some QT with a colleague or a business partner.



Kitty Murtaugh’s is a tried and true island establishment that offers quality dining, spirited sports entertainment and awesome live music on Friday nights. And “THE SNUG” (as my Kitty’s bartender buddy Hannah calls it, located on the right hand side of this beloved mid island Irish Pub) is THE space to hang when you want the bar atmosphere without that bar scene… In the SNUG, you will find four bar stools and two booths that are sneakily tucked away in the corner. This is an ideal place to share some hot wings and Irish nachos over a good pint of Guinness. You have a great view of the entire place, but feel like you’re basically invisible to the other diners and bar patrons from the building’s design.


Dune Table 1

DUNE, celebrating its eighth season, has three distinct dining areas – two rooms upstairs, one open room downstairs and an outdoor patio to boot! While the first floor dining is great for people watching (especially when you want to see what’s going on at the bar while you eat) sometimes it’s more about savoring the cuisine than socializing. So if you’re looking for a cool place to be in the scene, yet feel completely removed, check out TABLE 1. With its mirrored backdrop and comfy seating, this sneaky yet chic table (sits three comfortably) proves to to be the ideal spot when you need a “how ya DUNE” catch up with a girlfriend or two, without disturbances!


Pi PIzza 2

Indoors or outdoors, you can’t go wrong with lunch at Pi. While this place is pACKed every night… you can sneak in to their dining room for a delicious Italian lunch and calmly enjoy one of those famous Pi Pizzas in the corner of the restaurant. The bar is a great place to sit and sip on a Peroni as you wait for your Chicken Parm. And when you are looking for a little al fresco dining with your Pi,  sit at one of their three round tables outside the Deli and get service and a smile while you soak in the sunshine. An island gem indeed.


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