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the 2016 Miss blACKbook Intern Recap

Emily here, the blACKbook intern for this summer! 2016 has been a wild ride filled with new experiences and lots of changes. I had the pleasure of getting to meet new people, explore parts of the island I never knew about, and truly savor what Nantucket has to offer. Now it’s time for me to reflect and share my top 16 for 2016. 1. Seeing the island for the first…

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CJ LAING is the kind of boutique that elates your senses. This beautifully curated shop is a mix of sophisticated taste, bohemian aesthetic, and chic styles and designs. For the well-traveled prep, the unique pieces and one-of-a-kind finds will excite your inner wanderlust and inspire you to live your best (and most well-dressed!) life. Just step into the shop…and we promise you’ll feel intoxicated by the light, airy aromas of their…

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Nine To Note on Greydon House!

Broad Street has certainly changed over the past year. From the additions of the Nantucket Culinary Center to the remodeled Nantucket Bookworks to the newly redefined Meursault… now, the street that brings us culinary delights and sweet spots to stay and play has another property for all of us to chat about… welcome GREYDON HOUSE. There has been some serious buzz surrounding this new hotspot, so you know blACKbook had to get a leg up…

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img_4438 MANtucket

MANtucket’s Four Quarters of Football

MANtucket says… “I’m unavailable on Sundays. Don’t text me, don’t call me, don’t write me, and don’t even fax me. Unless you want to talk about spreads, pizza bagels, how handsome Patriots quarterbacks are, or how much pants perspiration I’m going to have by the 4 o’clock kickoffs, consider me on the Vineyard. Sundays have become religious for me… in a football sense. I consume seven to nine hours of…

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Ballet to Barre For All Bodies!

Miss blACKbook says… “In search of a way to get ACKtive back on the rock this fall? I’ve got you covered right here with Go Figure Barre Studio and Nantucket Ballet. Get the scoop on the two fabulous and fit women behind these classes and why you (and your kids!) should be part of their programs below!” Meet Christina of Go Figure Barre Studio. This savvy entrepreneur not only owns SIX Go…

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trailer_preview Nantucket Nuptials

Nantucket Wedding Videos

Ahhhh, Fall on the Rock. The weather is amazing, the weekdays are calm, and the weekends begin the influx of Nantucket Nuptials. And with that, there are so many ways to savor the Big Day on the 02554. So when it comes to your videographer, and making that day that goes by so quickly stay forever… we say check out the husband and wife team of Chris and Laura from Nantucket Wedding Videos.…

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hrabor-view Nantucket Nuptials

Honeymoon at Harborview Nantucket!

Beautiful deserted beaches… Romantic tables for two… Crisp fall air… Nothing to do but everything you want… It’s no wonder why so many people choose to honeymoon here on Nantucket in the fall. After a long haul of wedding planning, a plethora of guests and air kisses, and the inevitable end of your big day, comes… the big rest. A time to put the wedding diet to bed, and get…

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MANtucket takes Union Street Inn!

I simply had nothing left to give. The blog life doesn’t sleep and those cocktails don’t shake themselves. The summer had left me weary and weak. I needed a break. I needed to stay, but also to get away. I needed a STAYcation. So I packed a toothbrush and a wrinkled up button down (I literally live six minutes away) and headed down to the beautiful Union Street Inn. There was no better…

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