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Four Ways to Freshin’ Up For Fall

 –  S  P  A    D  A  Y ,   H  O O  R  A  Y  – looking to clean up your beauty act after a long summer of sun, surf + sand on your bod and in your hair? we’ve got our top four services for freshening up for fall from RJ Miller Salon below!! 1. Exfoliating Moroccan Oil Massage  2. Mani-Pedi 3. Minerals Be Gone  4. Short Hair, Don’t…

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The Low Down on High Point

GET THE TOUR BY CLICKING BELOW! When it comes to hot Nantucket vacation rentals….the blACKbook has you covered. And Miss blACKbook has the Low Down on High Point as owner and designer, Darcy Creech, gave her the ultimate tour of her six bedroom Quidnet vacation retreat that just came in hot to the real estate rental market!   The 9 Details You Need To Know 1. The Chefs Table 2. THE VIEW 3. That…

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Brant Point Grill, or BPG, may be known for it’s view, but the steak is what will have me coming back again. Everything is served a la carte and there are multiple steak options to choose from. Whether you choose the 10oz pime aged rib eye (lets go), the 12oz New York Strip (how you doing), or the 8oz filet mignon (thanks much) you cant go wrong here. The setting is beautiful and romantic and the food is even better. With a list of multiple sides available for your choosing, the BPG knows how to do steak and more importantly, how to make sure you dine the right way. dine + drink

Seven Days of STEAK

MANtucket blACKbook says..  Men need steak. We become borderline primal when a steak is brought to our table. It’s exciting. Seeing truffle butter drip down a hot juicy piece of meat gets me more excited than any woman ever could. It can be weird how men behave when steak is around them. Nudging the person next to you so that they notice how much enjoyment you’re getting out of a…

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Happy #NationalDogDay!!

Ahh the Dog Days of summer… there is truly something special about having a dog on island. Traveling with the dog can be a hassle, but it is worth being tugged around the ferry by an 80lb furry ball of joy. Dogs encourage you to explore the island in a way you wouldn’t have before. You may be chasing after them, but you’ll make grand discoveries with your mishaps. Caught…

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Sweet Liddle may be my new favorite store. I can honestly say that I want everything in there. One of my favorite discoveries is an Aussie label called "August Street." So cool and different from all of the stuff you see people wearing all the time. I can't stop thinking about this dress so I may have to add to my collection. Style

Late Summer Lust List

  1. Mexican Tops – C.J. Laing 2. Aquazzura Espadrilles – Diane Firsten 3. Sweater by Faherty Brand – TownPool 4. C.K. Bradley Silk Scarves – TownPool 5. Pearl Necklace – Mignot St. Barth 6. Beaded Clutch – Monelle 7. Wampum Jewelry – Tafari Designs 8. Artemis Design Shoes   9. August Street dress – Sweet Liddle 10. Skull Pants – Letarte until next time…  XX, AEB…

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9 to note on 32 Main Street!

1. This Location… You Can Walk Everywhere! 2. Best View of Main Street 3. Room Service from the White Elephant Hotel 4.  With THREE Bedrooms, you can enjoy the White Elephant Loft a variety of ways!  5. Loft Guests have access to the White Elephant Village Pool 6. Need to do a little work? You’ve got an amazing office to use! 7. Dinner for 8? Sure! 8. Live It Up In This…

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